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Oh my it’s been busy at my mailbox.  I wonder if people are heading to the post office to get things mailed and end up taking a package for me too.  I love it.  My days have been so fun.  The childcare kids often say, “what did you get now”…or “it’s the UPS man again”.  HA!!  It’s so cute.

Someone asked about me getting a package from them.  I didn’t get a blog post written about it right away.  It just happened that I got lots of packages from the beginning of November until now.  One day I got four in one day!!  I’m not complaining a bit, just explaining.  So I try to only write one “in the mail blog post” a week.  I like to spread them out so that I don’t end up with four in a row.  So if I don’t blog about a package that came, I likely have the package and I’ve likely written the blog post about it already, it’s just scheduled out.  I try to schedule things to make the blog more interesting.  Goodness knows, you all don’t want to read three book reviews in a row…or have three recipes in a row.  In the effort to provide a variety, blog posts get scheduled.  You might notice that Thursday evenings are typically for book reviews, Saturday night for recipes and so on.  There isn’t a specific day for mail posts…I sneak them in when I can…and as often as I can.  If I don’t blog about a package right away, all it is a timing thing.  Seriously, I love all the packages I get.

Anyway…this package came from Carol.

She’s sent me several packages over time.  She’s so sweet.

Check out all of the orphan blocks…
There were batiks that went straight to may batik scrap bin.

The Mickey fabric was wonderful.  Truth be told…I think she’s going to have me starting a new collection.  Buck’s kids are both HUGE Mickey and Minnie fans.  This red and white could be the start of a quilt for Lucy.  

Carol explained that some of the fabric was “licensed Mickey” and others wasn’t.  Oh my…unlicensed though this red piece is…I love it best.  It’s so cute.
There were lots of fun novelty prints.  I love the blue tractors.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it..but will need to think of something!
It was so fun to sort through them.

The yarns and pompoms went into the kids’ art supply box.  Oh they love this stuff!!

A fun box came from Linda…  There were lots of goodies for me and the kids.  Linda also sent a lovely card with a beautiful note.  I so appreciate it.

Here’s most of what was in the box.

Fabric with a fun pin that says, “Quilting is my Superpower”.  HA!!  
I love the two bright fabric on the lower left.

The kiddos were really happy to have the “office goodies”….
But they were THRILLED with the bag of shells.  I had recently bought some shells and the kids have been investigating them.  Well Linda’s shells were WAY cooler than my shells giving all the shells renewed life.  Seriously they were so busy picking out favorites, rubbing and touching them.  It was fun to watch them investigate.

I went back to grab the box an put it in my recycling to see that with the excitement of the shells, I didn’t realize there were more goodies in the box.  Cross stitch fabric and felt.  The linen is a big treat.  I’ll be sure to share with Kelli.

Your thoughtfulness was appreciated by me, Kelli and the kiddos.

I got a package in the mail that was full of envelopes.  I opened it while the childcare kids were here.  It was full of envelopes.  I didn’t see a name on the package.  There was a card though….

Well when I opened it I only had one family of kids left here waiting to be picked up.  They were having friends over that night and asked if they could have the envelopes so they could play post office when their friends came over.  I said, “Yes but you need to put them in a bag to take home”.  Well I think they put the card in the bag because I can’t find it anywhere.  I sat down to write this blog post on Sunday and I feel terrible but I can’t remember who sent them and I can’t find the card…and there is no return address on the package (yes I dug through the garbage to find it)…so thank you to the giver and my apologies for not finding the card.  The kids were thrilled to get them and happy to get to take them home and share with friends.

My next package came with no card but did some with an email.  Joan was running the package to the post office and forgot to enclose a card.

This American Jane quilt was in the package.  It was started and not finished. It was so cute…but Joan decided it would be best if it moved on out of her sewing room.  It was one of those “lost its meaning” projects that we hold on to and then after time decide to let go of.  
Everything is here to finish it.  I am passing it on to the new group that I started working with in my area.  I’m sure someone there will love it and complete it…and donate it on.

It is so cute.

Joan also sent some fabric that I pass on to them as well.  
Carla in Odessa, TX struck again.  She is so sweet.  Sometime back she told me that she decided she wasn’t a scrap quilter and was sending scrap my way.  Oh my, she must be a prolific quilter as another amazing box of scraps came from her.

This one is primarily Christmas and patriotic scraps.  I pulled the patriotic.  I’m planning a Mickey quilt for on of Buck’s kids and I’m mixing the patriotic with the Mickey Mouse fabric.  The colors will compliment each other.
I took the Christmas fabric and will pass that on to the Cresco Iowa quilting ladies.  Last time I sent Christmas fabric to them they made lap quilts with it and then I took the lap quilt tops to my friend who does quilts for the VA.  She finished them.  This is for sure a “it’s a village story”.

I kept the food fabric too.  I want to eventually make a food quilt like the one I made Vicki to have here for the kiddos.  Tacos and peppers, what’s not to love!!

Carla has the best scraps!  I can’t wait for my Christmas sewing to be done and I can jump right into scraps.  Seriously, scrap and leftover quilting is my favorite.  I love bonus triangles.  All of this is just like Christmas for me.  It’s so sweet that so many of you send me your scraps.  I really can’t say how appreciate and loved I feel by all the great goodies.

6 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. Thank you and I’m so happy you got the package! I love seeing what is in your mail. Now I know to save food fabric if I have any.

  2. You have the best mail box! and I love how you can pass it along to another group that has a mission and it really does find a happy home.

  3. Just a reminder that I put on my note, the red unlicensed Mickey fabric was purchased in 2016 at the International Quilt Festival in Birmingham England. I visited my English quilting friend and we went to the festival. It was amazingly awesome and I had a new granddaughter and I made her a Mickey/Minnie quilt. This was leftover. So whatever you do with it, it is an international quilt!

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