In My Mail….

I had some pleasant surprises come my way via the mailbox.

I got a thank you card and goodies from Marilyn.  She had sent something to me a big ago and had sent with a link to her Etsy shop (find it here) and several of you ended up following the link to see her goods.  She wanted to thank me for sending you all her way.  How sweet.  So not only did she send a card but fabric too.

Isn’t this charm pack so cute.  I’d love to come up with an idea for it.  Hmmm.

It’s been a bit since I’ve sewn with a charm pack.

Thanks for thinking of me Marilyn.

A box came from Omaha Nebraska.  There was no note and not a full name on the return address.

Hmm.  This box looks fun!!  At first I thought it was scraps…but they all kind of coordinated.

After a closer look…WOW!  There was a finished quilt top in the bottom of the box…see??
What a fun quilt.  It’s laptop sized.

I started the debate on what I should do with it.  Not to long ago I contacted Ronda and she had a lot of quilts.  I’ve sent things out to lots of other places.  I ended up deciding that I think I’ll finish it and donate it on to a charity here.

One of my childcare family’s family started a benefit to help people out who are dealing with medical expenses.  They started the new benefit to help others after a benefit was held for their family when their son suffered from an accident that hurt his arm requiring him to need multiple surgeries.  They realized how expensive medical and family costs were even if a person has insurance.

So the benefit is now an annual event and I’ve made a commitment to donate a quilt, or two.  I too know how costly it can be on a family when medical tragedy strikes.  I think it is a wonderful cause.

They were able to send money out to six families after the most recent benefit.  How cool is that?

Anyway…I think this quilt would be perfect to finish up and donate…and I feel like it’s a worthy cause the person who donated would also like.  So…I’m adding this quilt to my “to be quilted” pile.

Thanks so much.  Much good will come from your quilt top.

Karl and I took out recycling the other day and he asked if I wanted all of the boxes broken down.  I often save a couple as I fill them with fabric to pass on.  I jokingly said, no Karl, let get rid of it all and live dangerously.  I told him that I bet someone would send me something or I’d order from Amazon and we’d have more boxes.

Well the next day two boxes from blog readers came and a box came from Amazon.  I’ve been doing some Christmas shopping.

The first box came from Melanie….

There was LOTS of goodies.

She sent me mystery fabric.  I was all big smiles about that.  My mystery is in batik and the dark blue is a color I was looking for!!  
There were calicos and John Deere fabric.
I set these floral prints aside.  I’ve been wanting to make Bonnie Hunter’s Floribunda quilt for several years but have been collecting florals for it.  These are going in the stash.  As far as I know, a full pattern for it hasn’t been published but here’s the tutorial for the block.

These were all fun prints.  I love the Dick and Jane!  The horses are so cute too.

Check out the great homespuns.  I’ve been collecting them too.  I have so many collections.
These were all bigger chunks of yardage.  There is enough to back several lap sized quilts.
Of course there were goodies for the kids.

I had fun with the $1,000,000 bill.  I sent a note to my kiddos and said that a blog reader sent me the most amazing gift.  I told them this gift tops anything I’ve ever been gifted before.  Then I sent them this picture.

Of course I knew it wasn’t real.

Then one of the kids emailed me back and said, “Mom, I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s real.”  Bahahahahaha…the child who wrote that will remain nameless and I don’t want to embarrass them.  I had the biggest chuckle.  Thanks so much Melanie.  Laughter is the best!

The next package came from Robin.  It was a fun box!  Robin said she was passing on things that were her aunts….she also said she decided she wasn’t a scrap quilter.

So…she sent things my way hoping things would find a home.
There was a lot of this…

After some sorting I discovered this….
…and this…

Both are hand stitched.  There is a lot of extra fabric so these could grow in size with the help of some willing hands.  Is anyone interested it this to finish.  You’re welcome to take it and finish it for your own use.  I’d just love to find a hand piecer to gift it to.

I also found this…

It has more blocks and extra fabric.  This to is hand stitched.  Is anyone interested it this.  I hate to see these unloved.  If you’re a hand stitcher and interested in either project, please email me.  I will forward them on to you.  Here’s my email.
There were other goodies in the bos too….
The prize was in the bottom of the box.  Robin decided to part with her bonus triangles.  YAHOO!!  I’m thrilled.  
I love a box like this.  There is so much potential in a single box.  I actually think I am going to start a big of a challenge with myself.  I am going to sort this out and pick a package then make something with it.

I’ll admit…I already have this scattered about my kitchen island and am sorting.  I think I even picked out the pack I’m going to make something with first.  It might be a table topper.  It might be a baby quilt.  We’ll see how many triangle there are and what fabric I have in the stash to go with it.

I’m excited.  I love something like this to get the creative juices flowing!!

Robin thanks for passing your scraps on.  I adore bonus triangles….and I am so appreciative that you took the time and expense to pass them on to me rather than pitch them in the garbage!!

Robin also sent a check to help with the postage costs to keep the charity quilting going.  That was so sweet. THANKS!!

This was a pretty long “In my mail” post.  Small boxes were really filled to the brim with goodies.  You all are so kind to me.  I so appreciate your generosity.

10 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. Wow! That is. treasure trove!
    I think floribunda is under the free patterns tab on Bonnies website. I haven’t made that one yet either. It is a stunner though.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I love in my mail. I was so hoping the box I sent was included but I am afraid you didn’t get it. It sounds like you get many so maybe it is still in line to be looked at. It was about a month ago that I sent it. And it had bits of yarn in it.

  3. I love your blog – so glad to have found it. I love to hand piece and would be glad to take the two if you want to pass them on. I would give them a good future.
    4908 Crawford Drive, The Colony Tx 75056.
    Thank you for the wonderful site.
    Blessings june

  4. I am actually making a baby quilt with some of the elephant material that is in the quilt at the beginning of your post. I love looking at the material you receive to see if there is anything I have that is the same.

  5. I love getting scraps like that, too. So fun to figure out what to do with them. For the charm pack, MSQC’s Falling Charms quilt is fun to make. I am making the mystery with batiks, too.

  6. Carolyn Sullivan

    I love it when my kids think they are “schooling me” or saving me from FRAUD…. I was born at night but not last night! LOL

  7. Not only do I love this blog, but the comments that others make. The one that Carolyn S. sent gave me the biggest laugh today. I’ll have to remember that for future use. Thanks to all for sharing.

  8. Susan the Farm Quilter

    The charm squares are the perfect size to make a tummy time quilt for all the new babies in your life. I use bits of ribbon and different textured fabric in mine and back them with minky (no batting necessary). They are light enough to use as a blanket over a kiddo in a car seat or stroller…cuddle and soft! Lots of goodies for you, the kids and for others when you find the perfect hand-sewer!

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