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I’ve had fun mail again…It’s so special and means a lot to me.

The bunch of goodies came from Marian in Minnesota.
I was excited about the gray.  I have plans down the road to make this quilt…Silver Linings.  It’s from Bonnie Hunter’s String Frenzy book.  I’ve been collecting grays in everything that gets sent to me.  Gray is a fabric I never buy so if I want gray, I have to be patient and collect it.  You all have been a great help.

The grays will come in handy for this quilt.  I originally thought about changing the gray to blue but I have gray furniture in the living room now so gray it is!!

Kelli and I both have been collecting John Deere fabric.  She’s hoping to get a quilt made for her nephew on Jason’s side of the family with some.  I have a boy here that I want to make one for.

That was so sweet.  Thank you Marian.

I got a HUGE box of scraps from Carla in Odessa, TX.  Carla has sent me scraps before and she has the best scraps.  Last time I was cutting out a scrap quilt, the mail came, I opened that package and immediately cut the fabric and put it in the quilt I was currently working on.  HOW FUN!!   …seriously the box is HUGE!!  See?

What an array of color.  I just love it.  What potential this box holds!

I love all the fun kids prints.  Perfect to replenish all that I’ve been using up as of late.

Carver was here when I was looking at it.  He was so excited to hunt and find things on the fabric that he recognized.

I need to sort it all but this day we just looked.

Carver found this piece and was squealing, “Look Joey, LETTERS!!”
Carla…thank you so much.  Without all of you, my scrap quilts would not be nearly as beautiful.

As I was writing this post I got a message from Betty.  It said, you should be getting a box of scrap from me in today’s mail.  Hmm.  I’ve been watching like a hawk for it to come!!

Finally it came!!  I was full of anticipation.  I’m terrible times with anticipation.  I know what it is…I know it’s coming…but I don’t know the COLOR…I don’t know the kind….Mailman (actually maillady) bring me my mail!!  I can’t wait to see!!

Two boxes ended up coming.  I was so surprised.

Here is the other box that came.  It’s from Ellie in Indianapolis…but look at the box.  It was terribly damaged.  I decided to open that one first.  I have no way of know if some of the contents spilled out along the way.  I hope not.

Envelopes and stickers for the kiddos….

There were flannels…I was tempted to keep them but in the end passed them on to my friend that makes layettes for Lutheran World Relief.  I was going to make baby burp cloths for Kayla with the tractor fabric but Kramer’s sister usually makes them…so I’ll let that be her thing.

There were lots of other fabric goodies.  The carrots on the left and the yellow 30s print went straight to my collection as well a few others.

I try really hard not to keep all of the fabric but it’s so tempting.

Here’s the box from Betty….

It amazes me how much can fit into a box!!

I sorted out the Christmas fabric and put that in a pile to give to the Cresco quilting ladies.  They made so many awesome lap sized quilt tops that I passed onto my friend that makes quilts for people at the VA.  I think I better restock them in fabric.

Lots of fun bright prints.

There were even some bigger pieces of yardage.

I love getting a piece like this.  Readers who send fabric that has obviously aged know me and know I love it all the same…old or fresh from the quilt shop new.

There was the jelly roll and some pinwheel blocks that are all the same fabric line.  I think I’m going to come up with something for that…maybe a pinwheel baby quilt.  Who knows?  I love the prints though.  
The batik scraps went straight to my scrap bin.  You all know I adore scraps.

A card came my way…so thoughtful Jean-  THANKS.  You are right.  Thanksgiving without Kramer will be hard but we’re trying some new things…  Being together is the most important.

What fun goodies from everyone.  This will have me busy and sewing and organizing for a while.  Petting and sorting fabric is something many people don’t like.  Thankfully I really do.  It’s a great pass time and so many ideas come my way while sorting.  Thanks so much for thinking of me all who sent fabric and goodies in the past and present.  It is so appreciated.

6 thoughts on “In My Mail”

  1. What fun to open boxes from other people! I saw several pieces of fabric that I would like to incorporate into my quilts. Don’t forget the mystery quilt – some of them would fit into that.

    Thanks for sharing. I love to look!

  2. Jo, don’t forget to look at the back of fabrics while you’re collecting greys. Blacks, and actually lots of other colors, can look grey on the reverse and I don’t mind using them, especially when they’re cut up into smaller pieces. They often give a softer, muted look. Have fun sorting all your new “goodies”! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your whole family!

  3. You are truly blessed. I sent you a box that you should have received last week. Hopefully it is there and you have been so busy, you haven’t been able to address it. Have a great day!

  4. Judith Fairchild

    I love getting scraps too. There are so many possibilities to play with.
    Your Carver is such a loving smart little boy. En joy the possibilities

  5. Hi Jo,
    I am so thankful that you love petting fabric. You always seem to know exactly who can use it best, whether it is you or one of your charity groups. Thank you for being you and all you share. Have a thoughtful Thanksgiving and blessings to you and all your family.

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