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My mailbox and the UPS man have have been busy here.  Recently a package came and it was from Amazon.  I knew I had ordered something but had knew it couldn’t be coming as I had placed the order that day.  I looked at the package…no, it wasn’t for Karl…I looked at the package again thinking someone reused the package…No.  It was from Amazon.  I opened it up to find this….

Can you read the note?
It says:
Hi Jo!  I noticed you had the egg holder that came with the fridge.  Not enough room to hold 2 dozen eggs.  I have this one and LOVE it.  Hope you do too~From Darlynn Venne

Oh my…naive me didn’t know there was anything except the egg holder that came with the frig.  I have been using this but Darlynn is so right it doesn’t hold 2 dozen and I’d love one that holds more.

This holds 2 1/2 dozen and I love it.  There are nice plastic cushions over the metal at the bottom.  I know some of you will ask so I am adding a LINK for the basket.

After looking on Amazon I see that mDesign the makers of the basket make baskets similar to this only in all sorts of sizes and designs.  They are made for organizing anywhere, closets, cabinets, desks…everywhere.  They are super sturdy and nice.  I’m sure I’ll be order a couple in other sizes for around the kitchen.  You can find other sizes HERE.

Thank you so much Darlynn.  I love finding good products that are recommended.  It makes me feel more confident ordering when I know the product is good.  My kitchen thanks you too!!

Cindy sent me a box of goods…lots of fun things.  Check it out…
The kids were excited about this.  I have several first grade and kindergarteners as well as preschool kids who are working on shoe tying.  I have two that can and more are practicing!   Hooray!

I was thrilled to see the big hoop.  It’s a really nice one and I put it aside.  Coming up in my cross stitching I have a couple projects that are larger.  I had it on my shopping list to get a larger hoop so I wouldn’t have to move so often.  This one is perfect.  I crossed a hoop off my list.  I love getting stuff in the mail that is exactly what I was wanting.  The little hoop will go with the kids’ hoops.

Lots of fun notions and things.  I will pass the crochet hooks onto Kayla.  Every year she gets some students that she teaches to crochet.  She keeps a stash of crochet hooks for that very purpose.

Lots of towels and napkins for stitching…how fun.  I put the floss cards in my box right away and will divide up the towels to share with Kelli.

These orphan flying geese were in the box too.  I’m going to sew them up into a doll quilt for the Mississippi Valley Quilt Guild.  They make hundreds of doll quilts every year for preschoolers in Head Start.  I sent a few every so often.  I’d like to make them more often.  There will be sewn together as a leader and ender, and then I’ll add a borders to bring it to size.

Thanks so much Cindy.  I so appreciate that you thought of me.

I got FOUR boxes from the same blog reader.  Can you believe it??

LaNan and a group of quilting ladies, the Mapleside Quilters, cleaned out their sewing closet and passed the goodies onto me.  How fun!!  Here I am sorting and digging through the scraps.

Can you believe all there was???  I didn’t keep it all.  I passed some on to some charity quilters.  It’s so fun to go through, look at and sort.  I found some Holly Hobby fabric.  Remember her from the 70’s?  I loved Holly Hobby.
Image result for holly hobby

How fun to reminisce.  Our drug store had Holly Hobby printed on their bags and I saved every bag.  I would cut the Holly Hobby character out and do crafts with them.

Anyway…there was lots of fabric and I had lots of fun sorting and digging.

LaNan also sent some fabric that looks perfect for backing.  I didn’t measure it but it feels chunky enough.  I am putting it in my stash but one day when I’m sending out of a box of charity fabric, it the box isn’t quite full, I’ll pop these in there.  As much as love and appreciate everyone thinking of me, I want to do all I can to support charity quilters.

Thanks so much for thinking of me ladies.  That was so incredibly sweet…and lots of fun too!!

Here’s a little sampling of the cards that have been sent recently.  Yes…I am still getting sympathy cards and yes, it’s perfectly okay to send them.  I know I’ve wondered that before.  After a couple months pass and I realize that I either didn’t know person had died, or misplaced the sympathy card, I’ve wondered do I send one at a late date or not.  The answer, for me anyway, is send them.  Getting one now after some time has passed has been very nice.  It makes us all feel like we’re not alone in our grief.  It makes us feel like someone is still remembering Kramer and us.

Also in the mail, I got a check from someone who preferred to anonymous for charity quilting postage.  It is so appreciated.  I’ve spent a lot lately on postage.  It’s all fine.  The donations really help make it more manageable.  THANKS!!

You all are so good to me and I so appreciate that.  My mailbox is always a source of joy…thank you.

6 thoughts on “In My Mail”

  1. what a happy surprise comes to you in every box. I bet it is fun to get all the goodies for you and the kids. Great gifts for a great lady. Have fun. I quilt at our senior center and it is so fun to dig through the boxes of fabric people donate to us too, I know how you feel getting fabric. A quilter can not have too much fabric. I also quilt at home too

  2. How thoughtful of everyone! Jo you will need to make your little granddaughters some doll quilts too! I make doll quilts for the Salvation Army Christmas toy drive. They are my favorite quilts to make!

  3. Jo, I too used the egg holder that came with the fridge for years. Then at a friend’s house I saw the wire egg basket and knew I needed one. So glad you like it.

  4. You know that green on top of the “backings” looks like it would work really well in Bonnie’s new Mystery quilt! You might need to keep it! Do you know what the blue fabric with the butterflies is? Does it have a label? I love that and would buy it at a store if I knew what it was. OF course if they were cleaning closets, it is probably older. Oh well, it is sure a lovely piece. I imagine that sorting thru all that fabric is like visiting the Thrift store without having to leave your home. Enjoy!

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