In My Mail….

I’m always shocked by all that comes to me via the mail.  So many times the things are timed perfectly.

Ila sent me a box of goodies….So many things.  There was a pack of toys for Ruby.  It was perfect timing as we’re celebrating the day she came home to live with us for forever.

Ila always sends things all packaged cutely together.  I end up taking lots of it apart and sorting it as to how I would best use it.

Lots went to the scrap bucket but I pulled these things.  Remember I said something about wanting to make a red, white and black version of Crooked Courthouse Steps.  Well…these are the start of that.

I pulled the whites to the left and immediately started cutting into them.  I needed some more neutrals for my Hour Glass quilt.  A few strips of them made it right into the quilt.  They didn’t even hit the stash bin first…that’s how “in need” I am of neutrals.

I set aside the bigger piece of black and white yardage as I think there will be enough there to be the binding on the quilt.

Ila didn’t treat me with that only.  She sent me pears.  They are always so yummy.

You were so sweet to think of me Ila.

I got a box of goodies from Leigh Ann.

There were lots of goodies.
…including the kit to make this.  Oh my, we’re all Eric Carle fans here.  The kids love The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The kiddos were here and grabbed the two variegated balls of yarn.  The rest of the yarn I am passing on to my friend that does the Samaritan Purse Shoe boxes.  She does about 100 boxes a year and puts a hat in MANY of them that she made herself.  She’s a worker!!  I aspire to be like her if I ever retire.

The boys were happy to see envelopes and stamps.  They were coloring pages and then “made a letter for their mommy”.  That means they put it in an envelope and put stamps all over it.  They are so cute!

Thanks so much Leigh Ann.  The kids and I appreciate it.

The next box came from Jean in Manchester.  Jean is the gal I delivered the quilts to.  Remember I admired her food quilt?  This is a picture Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations took after she quilted it.  Well Jean, cut out several of the quilts and gifted me a kit!!

I have a gal that comes in and helps the kiddos two Wednesdays a month.  She works with the Fayette County Food and Fitness Initiative.  It helps kids learn where food comes from.  She does a great job.  When Kalissa and I saw Jean’s quilt, Kalissa said, “Mom, you have to make one for Vicki”.  I agreed..and Jean, sent me a kit.

This was SO-SO SWEET of her.  Jean is so organized, she even went through and sorted the squares into rows and labeled them!

I’m thrilled and have this on my to-do list.  Happily Jean did the hard work on this and all I have to do is sew it together and quilt it.  I just know Vicki is going to love it.  I imagine she’ll take on many visits throughout the county and share it with all the kiddos throughout the preschools and head starts that she visits.  Thank you so much Jean.  Your gift to me will go on to touch many.

Jean has also turned into a huge support to me.  She has been sending cheerful cards over the last couple weeks and also sent me some money to use towards gas on my trips back and forth to Lacrosse.  It is appreciated.

I’ve had others send cards my way.  This is only a sampling.  I so appreciate them.  Some have had a gas card or some money for expenses as I travel back and forth to the doctor.  Oh my.  It is so appreciate.

Some are cheering me on or are a message of hope.  It is so incredibly sweet of you.  THANKS SO VERY MUCH!

This card made me laugh.

Honestly…every time a package or envelope comes I can’t but help start the tune of the song, “I Get By With a Little Help from my Friends”.  It is so true.  You all are so good to me and I so appreciate it.  From the prayers and well wishes, to the cards and packages, it means so much to me.

3 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. Jo, we send these gifts, b/c I hearts tell us too !! You do so much/have done so much for all of us, even in your deepest darkest heartbreaking days, you thought of us in making sure to post something. You have a special place in all of our hearts. You are so thankful for even the smallest of things, us readers send to you or say to you. Keep your chin up and keep going, You got this Girl !! BTW I have moved into a new home and I’m unpacking my sewing stuff, (wish I could send pics, it’s overwhelming), I have started a box of stuff for Jo, hope to have room in working order so I can start the upcoming BH mystery.Take care, keep inspiring us & of course quilty hugs.

  2. What a wonderful mail box you have and yes we are all pulling for you and hoping for a positive outcome. That food quilt will be perfect for Jean and I must admit I haven’t seen all those fabrics, its really colorful.

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