In My Mail….

My mailbox continues to be source of fun for me!!  Here’s some of the recent goodies that have been sent my way.

My first box of goodies came from Janne in Massachusetts.  Tell me this card isn’t the funniest ever!  Let me say this…I can relate.  I feel like I’ve been standing on a few cactus’ lately.  No worries..I’m doing okay.

So many goodies all inside one box.

Check out this batch of cute fabric.  The train panel, eye spy fabric and kitty fabric can only be described as super cute!!
There were lots of ribbons and trims in this pack..some orphan blocks and a cute little pack of fat quarters.

I sorted a pile to the left that I think I’ll keep for finishing a few cross stitch projects…and on the left I pulled to pass on some fabrics for my Quilt of Valor friend.

Joanne sent something for the kiddos….Cards and stickers and calendars.  The calendars are a hot item for when they play “office”.

I was all smiles to find some red goodies.  I adore red.  (Connie is rolling her eyes)  I do…and did you see some are calicos??  I was all smiles to see this.

What a fun box.  Thank you ever so much Joanne.

The next box came from Chris in San Diego.

Oh my.  I squealed when this came.  Do you see what I see???

SCRAPS!!  and not any old scraps….I was most excited about…One bag of BLUE scraps!  I was THRILLED.  Remember I am making Bonnie Hunter’s Crooked Courthouse Steps quilt?  Mine is focused on blues and greens.  Well here’s more blue to go with what I have.  My blue scraps are always low.  I’ve made several blue based quilts in the past so I was actually getting to the point I needed to cut into some fat quarters but now I don’t have to.  YAHOO.  These will be used immediately.

Honestly, I could make quilts with these bags of scraps for forever and ever.  I love scraps so much.

There was a neutral bag but…even though I need more neutral fabrics for the quilt, I am focusing on WHITE based scraps.  If you’re a long time reader you might remember the entries I did explaining my color theory on white based vs cream based fabrics.

I first did a entry on sorting scraps.  Find that HERE.
Then I did an entry on selecting strings for string quilts.  Find that entry HERE…and answered a few questions HERE.

Anyway…Of all the neutral scraps, I only picked the two pieces on the left for the Crooked Courthouse Steps quilt.
There was a bag of other colored scraps.  I immediately dumped it out and grabbed what I could use for my quilt.  Those are are all to the left.  I’m focusing on greens and blues and everything between meaning aqua, teals, and turquoise.  
There was yardage too.  I have a charity quilt here now that could use a backing.  I’m hoping that the rusty orange fabric on the bottom might work.

Chris also treated me to CALICOS…and Kaffe fabrics.  Aren’t an unusual girl…to be collecting calicos and Kaffe fabrics both??

There were goodies for the kiddos too.  How sweet.  I so appreciate it and the kiddos do too.  They love all this stuff when they play office.  I forgot to grab a picture but she sent a flat advertising refrigerator magnet.  I use them with the kids.  I cut them apart and glue them to their projects so the they can hang of the refrigerator.

Chris…your box came exactly at the perfect time.  I can’t wait to get your scraps sewn into the quilt.

I’ve been getting a few notes, letters and cards from readers wishing me well on my upcoming testing.  This one came from a college roommate.  We are working to try to meet up sometime.  We were hoping for fall but it looks like it might have to wait a little longer.  She is on a knee scooter.  It was wonderful hearing from her.

Other cards have come and I thank you all….

A package came from Marilyn.  Oh FUN…John Deere fabric…and a great shirt fabric.  She is an Etsy store owner.  You can find her HERE.

We’ve been collecting John Deere fabric.  Kelli has a quilt planned with it but since Georgia’s arrival, she’s learning it’s hard to find time to sew or stitch.  Someday…Someday.  I think we’ve all been there sometime in our lives.

My last package came from Colleen.  She was so sweet.  She sent some money for the charity quilt postage fund.  That is always so appreciated.  There were goodies too.

When mail comes I try really hard to send as much as I can on to charities..but sometimes I can’t resist grabbing a thing or two.  I don’t feel bad at all as often times I send backing or binding fabric that comes from my stash.  It’s usually a pretty even trade.

I took the homespuns.  I want to use them for some cross stitch framing…the fabrics on the left…well my Crooked Courthouse steps quilt could use these.

There were goodies for the kiddos too.  I love getting this stuff as we do all sorts of things with them.

One day I’ll write the first letter of the kids’ names and let them color it and then put stickers all over it.  One day I cut out the letter “P” and then the kids put stickers all over it that had the “P” sound.  I’ve drawn a tree on a piece of paper and the kids use flower and bird stickers to make a scene.  Stickers are something they really love and they don’t care if they are half used or a symbol they don’t understand.  They are so precious….as are all of you who have made my mailbox the busy place it is.  Thanks so much.  I really appreciate the generosity extended my way.

4 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. Mary Ann Mettler

    Fn times for the kids and you! So fun to see packages full of great surprises!! A perfect pick me up kind of thing!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Oh the joy of packages. I have the John Deere fabric too. It’s going on a nephew’s quilt for backing. I so enjoy your sharing the packages. Hate fun teaching and playing with your littles.

  3. Be careful what you wish for Jo. You might get boxes and boxes of scraps coming your way. I need to look to see what blues I might have. Teal and aqua are my favorite colors. We shall see.

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