In My Mail….

Last week was a flood of packages in my mailbox.  It was so fun.  It was the perfect pick me up for a bad week.

This package came from Mary Ann.  She has sent things before.  I so appreciate her thinking of me.

She had cross stitch goodies.  Kayla has been busy trying her had at Hardanger.  This is Hardanger fabric so I think this will be passed on to her.

The thread is going on to Kelli.  She was excited to get it!!

MaryAnn said she has a group of quilter friends and none of them scrap quilt except her.  So she gets all the she’s sharing with me!

I love it and LOOK!!  There are a couple Kaffe looking scraps in the bunch!!

Thanks so much Mary Ann.

Karen G in IN sent me the next box.

Cross stitch on the top…but what’s underneath??

Goodies for the kiddos..  They are going to be thrilled!!  
These I confiscated for me….  Who doesn’t love a graph paper composition notebook??

…and then these was fabric….

Oh my.  I love this gray and there’s enough for a backing.  I’ve eyed Bonnie Hunter’s quilt in her latest book…the one with gray and red.  That would be perfect for my living room.  Hmmmm.

…and word fabric??  Yes please.  Is there a chance the gray fabric could pull me out of my sewing slump.  It just might happen!!

Best news of all…Karen is getting an APQS longarm…AND, she offered to do a few charity quilts.  That is the best gift of all!!

Lynn in NJ sent the next box.  This one really had the childcare kids happy….there were all sorts of goodies for them.

Some of this looks like it came from the Target $1 bin…oh they have good stuff at the time school starts.  More blank notebooks..YAHOO.  I’d been planning to go get a few more.  TAPE..oh my.  We go through so much much.  The Altoid containers, I don’t know what to do with yet but they are in my bin of “think something up”.  I need to Google and get some good ideas.  I’m excited to have SIX…enough for the kids!!

There were wonderful puzzles in the box…some glow in the dark.

…and for me…Fabric and notecards…so sweet.  What a thoughtful box of goodies!!

Lynn shared a note with me about her plight as a young widow.  I continue to appreciate stories like hers.  It gives me hope that things will okay.  I know sharing is hard so I especially appreciate it.

I am overwhelmed with the kindness that was sent my way in the boxes.  I love odd bits of the this and that we can use for crafting.  The kiddos and parents love what we come up with.

Thanks so much for filling my day with boxes of goodies and notes and letters.  It’s nice to be the recipient of such kindnesses.  Thanks to all who sent things.

6 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. You do get the best mail and I think that grey fabric is adorable. I hope you do make a quilt for your living room, it would be perfect.

  2. Jo, I generally don’t go for gray but that fabric is so beyond nice to lovely I will have to change my mind.
    By the way I found out last night that I have to have “my” quilt to sleep properly. I have always chuckled at children who have a “blankie”, now I did covered I have to have mine. Ouch. It is a Christmas gift from my niece Rosejoi 24 years ago she gave me the gift certificate to get the material and challenged me to create a more difficult quilt. Now it’s so warm out I tried to retire it. No go the 1st cool night I had to get up and get it so I could sleep. It’s a red and green summer quilt. My sympathies for you and the extended family losing a good friend as well as niece is hard. Praying for you all.

  3. Collecting the mail at your house has to bring such great joy to you with all else that is happening around you these days. Friends are wonderful. Take care and God Bless You

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