In My Mail

Goodies came in my mail.

I got a box from Cheryl R in Minnesota.  I’ve gotten goodies from Cheryl before.


I laid it all out WOW!  All sorts of goodies from bags to fabric to pincushions.


I think I’ve made the quilt that this kit is suppose to be.  I have it set aside hoping I might get around to sewing it up.  I loved the other quilts like it that I’ve sewn.


Here’s a closer picture of more of goodies.  I’m SUPER excited about the little stack of scraps to the right.  They immediately went into the stack for my spider web string quilt.  It’s nice getting some new fabrics in and getting a little life into the projects I’m already working on.  These are perfect don’t you think?mail-48

That pincushion in darling….

I also got a package from Cindy.  She send goodies for the childcare kids and a book.  It happens that I’ve read the book already.


She wrote a note that told me to donate to our son Buck’s little library that he has on his property.  It just so happens that one of the last times I talked to him he said he needs more books.  He has taken on some of the other “little libraries” in his neighborhood.  He stocks several of them so I need to get more books for him.    This is a perfect book for the library Cindy.  I will be passing it on to him.

Thanks so much for the goodies ladies.  Many of the things are already being put to use!!  I love happy mail.

4 thoughts on “In My Mail”

    1. I’m sorry the fabric posts bother you Lucy. Some days my life is a little more interesting…others it’s not. Feel free to bypass anything that you don’t find interesting.

  1. We saw the author of the Children of Willesden Lane in a live performance, playing the piano and narrating the book. We didn’t know until the end that it was her. It was fabulous! What great, generous blog readers you have! Keep up the great work, Jo.

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