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My mail box (or rather the steps in the garage) have been busy lately.  Let me explain the steps in the garage comment.  We have an extra big mail box up often packages don’t fit in it so our mail lady delivers them to the steps in my garage instead.  She’s a real sweetie and I really appreciate her!

Carmela in PA sent some fun things.  Have a look…

Great magazines and craft goodness.

FABRIC!!  They knew just what we like…NEW HOLLAND tractor fabric that I want to make a quilt for Carver with.  He’s got a big bed and needs a big boy quilt for it.  Nurse fabric too.  FUN!!!  
Goodies for the kiddos.  Fresh markers are always a treat.  I quickly hid the ornaments to wait for Christmas time.  They love crafty things like that.

Thanks so much.  Seriously..I’m loving the New Holland fabric!!

The next package came from Joyce in Minnesota…..

More calico fabric.  I’ve been so loving collecting this.  I can’t wait to dig in!!  I was super happy about the old cell phones.  My kiddos ADORE them.  It doesn’t matter the condition.  Some recently gave us one that that the back cover kept falling off.  It’s no big deal because I just super glued it shut.

The kiddos were THRILLED with the phones.  They’ve been playing phones now more than ever with the new additions.  THANKS so much.  We love them.  If you have any and want to send them our way, we’ll happily welcome phones.  You can imagine that there is a little arguing over who has what phones…they are still kids after all.


This came from Cindy in North Carolina.
I love it.  Thanks so much for thinking of me.  Kelli liked it too.  I really want to stitch this one.  Oh I wish I had more stitching time!

Carol in Florida is a regular blog reader and she send me a fun little box.

She must have remembered that I’m collecting Calicos and Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

I’ve been collecting Kaffe fabrics with the thought that I would make Bonnie Hunter’s Wild and Goosey quilt.  It’s a paper pieced quilt.  I had someone ask me what the quilt looks like….Here it is…

The childcare kiddos were blessed with a package just for them.  Dianna in WI was the kind person who thought of them.  Check out the beautiful handmade card.  So pretty.  I love all thing floral.  It reminds me of my Pioneer Woman dishes.

For the kiddos…Stickers and a phone.  Oh my.  I added this phone to the collection and seriously, I still think they could use more.

Of all the toys here at my house, I would pick phones as the most used toy.

Many thanks to all the people who thought of me and the kiddos.  We all love packages in the mail.  When one first comes my first thought is “I didn’t order anything”….then I remember it’s likely one of you thinking of me.  That warms my heart.  THANK YOU so much.

6 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. The gifts to you and the kids are so awesome. It must be fun to go to your mailbox and find a present. Have fun all of you with your new things.

  2. Hooray for happy mail!!! Jo, about those markers…
    Those Crayola Ultra-Washable Markers are great for use on marking quilting patterns on your quilt sandwich. Just watch out for the orange and red (?) ones, as they don’t wash out quite as easily! If you make a habit of testing on the various fabrics, you should be safe.

  3. Arrowhead Gramma

    Found one old phone and know there are a couple more if I can remember the safe place I put them! LOL! As soon as I find them I will send them along.

  4. I have another box for you. Just need to address it and get it out. Been busy with our church yard sale and visiting son.

  5. What a blessing for you and the kiddos. They will really be happy with everything p!us you get some beautiful fabric!I
    Love and prayers

  6. I am sure you know this but maybe someone else doesn’t. Please take the batteries out as the phone can still be used to call 911 with them in. I used old phone in my preschool as well. They also loved the cheap calculators from the dollar store and used them as phones as well.

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