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First off I am extending a HUGE apology to anyone who has sent me something.  I am so far behind (likely two months behind) on thanking and acknowledging people and gifts that have been sent my way.

Packages came when Kramer was sick.  My girls were here doing childcare and opened them when the mail came.  Then the packages sat on my dining room table.  Then the doctors said Kramer only had a few weeks to live so the girls took everything from the dining room table and put it in a childcare crib.  So…this is how it looks.

I’ve been putting off digging into it as I’m so afraid everything is all mixed up and I’ll somehow thank the wrong person for the wrong thing.  I decided to pull up my big girl pants and tackle the boxes.  If I do something wrong, I’m so sorry.  I am writing with good intentions.

This all came anonymously.  I already shipped this on to a local charity group.  I saved a few of the shirt pieces and a couple others.  What can I say, I could resist!!  I keep reminding myself that I can’t keep everything.  It’s so tempting though.

shirts quilting quilt shirt fabric cotton quilting fabric eye spy i quilt eye spy i quilt fabricWasn’t that a lot of fabric!  WOW.

This next package came from Paulette.

You can find her blog at

She sent me calicos.  Oh…I can’t wait to get back in my sewing room.  I’m getting so excited about the calicos I’ve been collecting.  I already know that won’t be happening in the month of June.  I still have so much to catch up on first…but I have a wedding in August that I do want to get a quilt made for.  I already missed quilts for weddings this summer.  I don’t want to miss this one.

The next package came from Chris J.  She’s a long time blog reader.  She saw alphabet fabric and thought of me. Isn’t the card she sent the cutest??  See??

The fabric is fun. I do love ABC fabric!!

The next package came from Dar.  She is also a blog reader and read about my struggle to stitch while with Kramer in the hospital room.  I had one light sent to me by a blog reader that I used it regularly in the hotel but sometimes if I only had a lone chair in his hospital room, I didn’t have a place to put the light.  Well Dar sent me this light.

I was in the hospital when the light came.  Kelli opened it up and told me about it.  Dar was so sweet she even sent batteries!!  Kelli put it together for me and when I was home I was able to grab it quick and have it with.  So…I used it before I even got a chance to properly post about it.

Here’s an Amazon link to the light.  It is good from stitching…Thanks so much Dar!!

A friend our ours sent something fun that I didn’t know was a thing…
Beer flavored candy!!  HA!!

It was a joke as Kramer loved beer.  He couldn’t swallow liquids or food so this was his option.  HA.

The next thing I feel super bad about.  There was no card inside.  The package came directly from Shutterfly so I can’t credit anyone.  But my, oh my, did I love this gift.

I had no idea that Shutterfly did this…but check it out.  Blank cards were made from photos.  These must be quilts that the blog reader made.

Check out all of the cards.  This inspired me to think about making a set of my own quilts.  Awesome idea…right???
Will the person who sent these please leave a comment.  I do want to thank you.

The next package came from Julie from Me and My Stitches.  I LOVE Julie’s work.  Remember my grandmother’s bracelet Julie made??  This one?

I’ve since added two charms to it.  I love it.

I met Julie a bit ago at our quilt retreat.  She was one of our presenters and did an awesome job.

Anyway, Julie sent me a box of goodies…

Fabric and thank you cards!!

There was a lot of fabric packed into that little box.

I can see a scrappy quilt coming on.  I think I need something terribly tedious like a log cabin quilt.  Something small…yep.  These would be perfect for something like that.

Julie sells the thank you cards when she is out vending.  I’m sure if you’d like some you can contact her through her website.  Julie is great to work with a very accomodating.

The next package is a mystery….well the contents aren’t.  It’s a lovely cross stitch pattern with pattern, fabric and thread.

The mystery part is who sent it?  The return address says it’s from Farmer’s Attic an online cross stitch shop.  Well did the shop send it to me or did a blog reader order it and send it to me.  Hmmm.  Either way, it’s very nice and I like the pattern but I don’t know who to thank!!  (By the way check out Farmer’s Attic, they have a nice online shop)

That’s about 1/3 of the stuff that I have gotten in the mail.  I can’t thank everyone who has been so kind to me and our family.  It’s been like the giantest hug I could ever imagine.  With all of you routing for our family, we feel so loved.  So thanks to all who were included in this post and thanks to you all over the world who have sent condolence cards and gifts along our journey.  Your support has meant the world to me….and keep watching there will be more “in my mail” posts.

10 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Jo, that is a wonderful description. Like a big hug. I am so glad you feel that way. In my opinion, I am sure that everyone does not expect a personalized Thank you. I think all your followers know you are doing your very best in this situation. I wish you strength and peace.

  2. Jo, I am so impressed with your grace and strength throughout the past months. What a good lesson you’re showing all of us. I could only hope for such loving and caring children as you’ve raised. I hope you can get back to sewing soon. I wish I could give you all a big hug and take away some of your pain.

  3. I have a light like the one you received. I love it. I balance it on my pillow so I can read at night. I used it so much I finally started using rechargeable batteries.

  4. I grew up a mile from Julie of Me & My Stitches. She is an awesome person (Her talented mom was one of my 4-H leaders) and has a kind and generous heart, as well as wonderful things in her shop.

    Each package, every card, every comment on your blog is a hug and a way of saying we’re thinking about you. May each day continue to bring you something to smile about, even when your heart is heavy.

  5. Thanks for sharing all of the sweet things you’ve received in the mail, but Colleen is right, comments on the blog are hugs from those of us who aren’t able to send a package. Here’s hoping you are feeling the love from us, too! Sending quilty hugs…

  6. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all didn’t send you things because we wanted to be recognized. We did it because it was the right thing to do. You share your life everyday with us, good and the bad. We laugh and cry with you.
    (Buy the way, your family sent me 2 Thank you notes and I only sent one thing!)

  7. I agree with Linda that readers don’t send things expecting recognition or personal thank you’s, rather they are our way of thanking YOU for all the inspiration you share with us — about quilting and about life in general. That said, I am so happy to hear that you like the shutterfly cards and yes, the quilts are some that I have made. If you make your own set, be sure to check for promo codes as shutterfly has a lot of them, especially on weekends. May the care and kindness that you give to others come back to you a hundredfold.

  8. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    I love seeing your mail! Thank you for sharing. I was thinking of sending you some shirts but you definitely dont need them!

  9. Jo, all those things were sent to let you know we were thinking of you and your family. I’m so glad you received them like a big hug from us all.

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