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I’ve had lots of things come in my mail lately.    Here’s a couple of the cards that recently came.  The cards are so appreciate, needed and loved.  Kramer and I are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support that so many of you have sent.  As I said before, thank you seems so inadequate.

Here’s a fun piece of mail I got.  At the hotel that we always stay at that’s located right next to the clinic/hospital in Lacrosse they had a fist bowl.  A note next to the fish bowl said, “Put in your business card for a chance to win a free night stay at the hotel”.  On a whim I threw my Jo’s Country Junction card in and I won!!  Yahoo.  This will be awesome.  I’m sure we will need an overnight stay before we’re done with all of this.

Look at this…blog reader Bobbie is CA sent afghans for the new Kramer grandbabies.  They are so nicely made.  They drape wonderfully.
Check out this cute tag on them too.
I gave Kalissa Gannon’s and she said “Oh Mom, PERFECT!”  She went on to explain that Carver so loves his bit (crocheted afghan that Auntie Kayla made him) that he cries and throws a fit every time she washes it.  She said that she hopes Gannon will love the one Kayla made and this one so that if she has to wash one of his, he’ll still have the other to love on.

Here’s Gannon showing off his.
Kalissa says THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  At the time of writing this, I hadn’t seen Kelli and Georgia to give them their beautiful yellow one.

Now is I’m going to apologize.  I think I have the next things right but I can’t guarantee it.  Kayla took some cards with her and offered to write thank yous as a way to help Kramer and I.  In the process some of the cards from these goodies got mixed up with get well cards….and then the opened packages got stacked on top of each other….Then someone moved them off the chair to give us more seating so they all got mixed up.  But I think I have all back where they need to be.

Carolyn sent some wonderful stitching magazines.  Oh my.  I’m thrilled with them.  I took one to bed with me the other night but vowed I’d save the rest for my long clinic waiting room appointments.  This will definitely put some cheer and a chance to dream of something else while I’m waiting on Kramer.

I’m so new to being back in the cross stitch world that I didn’t even know the magazines existed!!

Shirts were sent to me…I love shirt scraps.  I believe these came from Joyce in NC.  Thanks so much.  My camera didn’t do the best at capturing the correct colors.  These are going right into my stash.

I believe these came from Jean in NH….but I’m not positive.  This is so embarrassing.  I totally love the gift and am thrilled with it.  Life just has me super discombobulated.

These calicos are going right with the other ones I have recently gotten.  I’m so happy to have these to add to the others.  I’m getting closer to have enough for a big quilt…you all know I don’t do little quilts.

The next package is the other one I’m not positive about.  I believe this one is from Laurie in OH.

It was full of goodies.  There were stickers for the kiddos…and an AWESOME felt board that I already used with the kiddos, scraps…

and cross stitch goodies.  AH…I am loving all things cross stitch lately so these were extra fun.  
Thanks so much EVERYONE!!  I can’t tell you how thankful I am for all the goodies.  Now more than ever it’s really fun to go to the mailbox and see something happy…something thoughtful.  I so appreciate it and Kramer does too.  Right now we’re living on love…the love from everyone, and the hope that this will all get better.  Thanks for hanging around here with us.

4 thoughts on “In My Mail”

  1. I love that you’re living on love. What a perfect way to put it! Please know that your family and friends (I consider myself a friend even though we’ve never met in person) are sending healing thoughts and prayers your way!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Oh yes I’m praying that Gannon will be well quickly
    It’s so hard to have to watch and wait when a family member is I’ll, but it’s even harder when it’s a baby. Praying now.

  3. It’s wonderful to see that all the love you have given (and still give) is coming full circle! Couldn’t happen to a nicer person/family! You have a lot of people praying for your family! I hope you all feel that!

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