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My mail is fun.  This box came a few days before Christmas.  It was covered with brown paper so me, being silly me, was soon singing Julie Andrews, “Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things…”

The mailman had delivered this to my garage as it was too big to fit in the mailbox.  I have an awesome mail lady.  The kids were chomping for me to open it so I did….

I read the note inside, “…I’m afraid my sewing does not keep up with my buying!”  Ah…I love it.  That made me giggle.  It’s a quilter problem for sure!!

The mail comes while the school kids are here so when I opened the box and saw that there were lots of kids things inside I asked the kids if they wanted to sort it out for me.  The things they thought were appropriate for me could stay in the box and the things they thought would be for them could go in another pile.  They were in heaven.

A short bit later they called me over as they wanted to know if they did a good job.

I thought they had.  Notice Carver’s hands…he wanted the ABC blocks.  The girls were over the moon with the art and craft goodies….and I was the same with the goodies in the box.

About then it was time for parents to pick up so after they left I hid some things away for another day and left some things in a bag inside the box and put the box on the dining room table.  The next day the kids were begging and begging for the goodies in the box.  It was the last day before Christmas, they had gotten out of school early, so they were all wound up.  I said yes and they cheered.  They did all the little crafty things and there were enough for everyone that wanted to do one.  It was just what they wanted and EXACTLY what I needed.  It was WONDERFUL!!!  It had been a busy day with the kids and I was ready to be done for the day.  Cindy from MILES away had saved me.

Thank you, THANK YOU Cindy.  It was the best thing you could do for me and the kids.

The next box was also VERY fun but in more of a quilty way.  This one was from a blog reader in Saint James, FL.

There were LOTS of quilt tops.  Most of them were baby sized or a little bigger….all sorts of fun colors.

Don’t 30’s prints make the best baby quilts???

MORE quilt tops…

A few sets of blocks….

…and fabric!!

OH MY WORD!!  This is going to be so awesome for a charity group of quilters.  This is going to make their day for sure.

The gal that donated the goodies said “I like to piece blocks and tops-finish? en, not so much”.  Oh my, don’t feel bad about that at all.  I can set you up with a fine group of ladies who will happily finish these and pass them on to a worthy cause.

Please…anyone, don’t feel a bit bad ever about a pile of UFOs or finished quilt tops.  There are people who love finishing and there are people who need the finished quilts.  By donating a top or blocks or fabric, you are the first link of a chain of good.  We all lose interest in tops from to time and that is completely okay.

Just as I was wrapping up this blog post, Hubby came in with the mail and another box was in the mail….this one from a blog reader in Spokane Washington.  MORE QUILT TOPS!!  I had to check them out right away.

Oh my..look how organized she is.  All the information about the quilt in one place.  WONDERFUL.

This one the colors were great too.

Notice she also included binding.  Oh my…pretty.
What a great pattern for a layer cake or charm pack!

Some leftovers too…
The sender didn’t write me a note so I can’t tell you more about the maker of the quilts…I know one thing already though, she has a generous heart.

I am so happy that I am blessed with so many people in my life, on my computer or in my mailbox that have a generous heart.  Thanks ladies.

I’ve seen as I clean more and more of my sewing room, that the cleaner it gets the better I feel.  It is starting to make me feel more creative again.  What a wonderful feeling….so give what you don’t like/want away and get creative!!  It’s a win-win for everyone!!

3 thoughts on “In My Mail”

  1. As I’ve mentioned to you before by email, my main mission in quilting is making comfort quilts for those who are ill or have another need. Here in my area we have a group of musicians who visit children’s cancer units to entertain and give gifts such as toys, books and cuddly things. I have now made a commitment to this group, called KEYS, to make children’s quilts for them to give out, too.
    So if anyone has tops they want to donate for children’s size quilts, I would love to be kept in mind as I can finish them and donate them to the group. My goal is to make at least a dozen, but more would be so great! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a good supply of kids fabrics and some solids to go with them. I just wanted to put a word in for those who like to make tops but not finish the quilts!

  2. You get the best items in the mail and I love how you get the kids to lend a helping hand with sorting it out. How fun! Such generous quilters to send those quilt tops forward,

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