In My Mail….

My mailbox has been busy again.  I love it.

Carla who is a long time blog reader asked if I could use yarn.  I have a friend who is VERY active making layettes for Lutheran World Relief and puts together shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse.  She finds a use for all yarns.

What a treasure trove of yarn Carla sent.

These will be used for stocking hats for Samaritan’s Purse boxes.

This will be used for the layettes.

If you think I get a lot done, you should see this lady.  She is amazing!!  I’ve said it before and truly mean it…I aspire to be her.  I talked to her mom who is 100 years old and is in a nursing home…she said of her daughter.  When she puts her mind to it she really gets stuff done.  That’s the truth!!

I got this bunch of fabric from another blog reader named Connie…this one from Odessa, TX.  She said she has scraps but not sure at this point if scraps is what she wants to use.  She passed some onto me that she thought I might be able to use….  See?

reds?  Yes Please.  In fact I already cut a couple of these and they are in the quilt I’m working on.  

There were lots of neutral fabric too.  A strip or two of them went into the quilt too.

My next box came from Sue M.  She saw the post about Kayla and I sewing.  She saw Kayla’s mosaic type quilt….She fussy cut some scenic fabric then sewed it together like this….

Sue went through her stash and sent some along for Kayla.
I think these will be perfect.  
I saw Kayla at Lucy’s birthday party so passed these along to her.  She was so happy.  Our kids are always amazed when blog readers extend their kindness on to them.  I am too!!

Speaking of blog readers.  Kalissa was working at the hospital in the ER and a blog reader came up to her and said, “You are Kalissa, Jo’s daughter, right?”  Kalissa was confused at first and then the lady said she was a blog reader.

I can’t thank you all enough for being so awesome to my family and friends in your gifting and donating.  It means so much to me!!  Thanks to Carla, and Connie, and Sue for the wonderful goodies that came to my mailbox over the last week….and a special thanks for your sweet letters.  I cherish them!!

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  1. I’m jealous of all those neutrals. I am so bad about purchasing them so I’m always short when a need arises. I am going to make an effort to do better!

  2. Birthday Wishes to you, Jo! It was a beautiful day in winter!
    Your friends have been so kind to send their excess fabric! I know you are greatfull. Now, best wishes to you and your family for Christmas

  3. Happy Birthday to you this week, Jo! I hope you had a really nice day. I enjoy your blog so much and hearing about your family, day care children, the thrifting, auctions, booths, charity quilting people – I see you all as friends!

  4. So , funny story, Jo. My sister’s name is Connie. My mom always gets Connie and Carla mixed up. She only has the two of us. At the end of your post you thank me, and the Carla from Texas, and Sue. But in your thank you, you call us Connie LOL. That is so ridiculously funny to me! And you’re welcome of course, glad to be helpful. I think most women like to feel needed and helpful. You give us an outlet, which means we are back to thanking you

  5. Happy birthday, Jo. With the family you have, I know it was a fun time for you all. Love reading your blogs every day. You and your girls are truly an inspiration to many of us. Thank you for all your charity work.

  6. All good wishes to you and your family from the Welsh Heritage Quilters in Llanidloes, Powys UK

    Love your blogs..laugh out loud !!! a couple of years ago I was in Vancouver BC for christmas with my son…on the 26th Dec he took me out for a drive…we hit a village called Squamish and low and behold a charity shop was open…he couldn’t understand why I wanted to visit this shop !!! came out with a pair of linen pants and matching jacket for 5$ ca..could not believe my luck ready to be incorporated into a quilt

    Merry Christmas and all good wishes for a HEALTHY and Happy new year for all the family
    kind regards from Moy…

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