In My Mail….

Oh my mailbox has been busy with things coming in and things going out.  I’ve been sending auction things out and donations out to quilters.

Sorry for the terrible lighting…This box came from Caryn S.  It’s a box of all sorts of goodies.

Fabric of course….I love the sewing machines.

Fun gadgets….Check out this tape measure that’s like a cat.

Goodies for the kiddos.  They love greeting cards, envelopes and the like.
Their favorite thing in the box was a little music player.  It’s a wind up that plays music.  I’m winding that all the time!!

An envelope came from Carol S.  It had crafting things inside.  Cross stitch…and more….
…Painted impressions.  How fun!

Deb sent a package of goodies for the childcare kiddos.  Notebooks and stickers…and the favorite, envelopes.

I ended up sending some home with Carver.  He’s a big time marker/drawer lover.

I’m sure he’ll be putting these to use soon.

Thanks so much everyone for thinking of me.  It’s so sweet and very much appreciated.

3 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. Thank you for sharing so honestly! Maybe I can convince myself to not be so critical of my just finished (yikes it was from 2 years ago!) “Wonkey Starred En Provence” Boy did I learn a lot from that one! Especially about color and value! You truly inspire me to keep on…

  2. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Those things I sent came from my church craft closet and had likely been there for years. But those two cross stitch said to me, “send these to Jo”. I love the one about the guest towels. The sticker things, I thought maybe you could use them for childcare. I dont know anything about them but maybe it would work for the older children, especially in summer. Or they can just open the package and play with them. Enjoy.

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