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I had two boxes come in the mail.  They were both filled with wonderful goodies.  The first box came from Robin in IL.

Here is some fabric for a backing…PERFECT.  Some fabrics are meant to be backings and this one looks like it!

She sent along some blocks to embroider and some left overs for a black and white quilt.  I think I’ll dig through my stash and pull some black and white fabrics to go with is and then send it out to Ronda, our charity quilter.  She’s a wonder with left over blocks!!

Then in the box were these….

Two VERY PRECIOUS, flannel baby blankets.  They are expertly made with lovely mitered corners.  One for each of my grandbabies that are due in March.

Kalissa was here first so she picked first and took the green one.  Kelli’s little one will get hte yellow one.  Both are so nice.  Kalissa and I were both ow-ing and aw-ing.

THANKS a million Robin.  That was the sweetest.

The other box came annonymously.  It was a big box and filled with quilt tops.  Come check them out with me.The quilts are like going to a quilt show…Honestly, so many beauties.

I am all about scrap quilts.  You all know that.  What I’m not good at is focusing my scrap quilts on a color scheme.  This one is a soft beautiful palette of pinkish florals.  SO PRETTY!!

This one I also loved.  Oh my.  The colors in this are so soft too.  A nice chambray is mixed.  LOVELY.

Here is a close up picture.

The colors blend so nicely.

Next is a fun-fun polka dot quilt.

This next one adorable too.  

Grays, pinks, purples and heavily printed lights.  There’s a coffee cup in the center of each block.  I’m not a coffee girl…but WOW.  How fun!!

At first I thought is was a fabric line but then doubted it after looking at all the prints.  This quilter really has an eye for color.

Next up is a what was intended to be a backing made from vintage sheets.  The maker told me to feel free to pass it on to Kayla.  Instead I think I’ll pass it along to a Lutheran World Relief quilting group.  I am sure they will love it…Honestly, it’s really nice..just bigger pieces.

This is a gray and aqua jelly roll race type quilt top.  Pretty too.

Check out this fun bright “x” and “o” quilt.

This is a bigger quilt top.  I think this one I’ll try to get quilted up and send to Lori for Share House.  They are always in need of twin-ish sized quilts.  In my opinion, simple for patch quilts are HIGHLY under rated.  This one is pretty.

To fill the box…fabric was sent along.  I think the florals and pinks on the bottom of the pile will be pieced together to make a backing for the floral quilt.  Extra quilt blocks from the top were sent too so together I think they will make a nice backing.

This is an awful big pile of quilts.  If there is anyone who wants to help with these, drop me a note in my email….

Ladies…WOW.  What a mail box of goodness.  I’m so honored to be the recipient of your generousity.

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  1. What lovely boxes and all those quilt tops will be wonderfully loved when done. I know you will find good homes for all of them.

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