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I’ve had LOTS of things in my mail lately…some email…some snail mail.

I got a wonderful note from Vivian.  She claims to be a “wannabe” quilter but look what she’s accomplished.  I’m impressed.  When I first started doing the Double Wedding Ring instructions I’ll admit to being a little disappointed that not many quilters linked up seemed like they were quilting.  I think there are many more than I thought.  I’ve been getting comments that people have them bookmarked.  Comments that they are slowly working along.  That makes me happy as honestly, the quilt is do-able.  It’s more pinning than quilting!!

Vivian also sent a picture of farming happening her way.  Her grandsons are operating this big equipment and they are young.  Some farm kids grow up MUCH quicker than town kids.  I remember first driving tractor for baling hay when I was six.  Not many six year olds do that now days.

Here we’re slowly heading to the field.  They finished chopping and just started beans.  It’s going to be long harvest.  Typically they have some beans out in September….here it’s October already.  How does time fly so quickly??

Here was a note from Joyce along with a check to cover postage from a package I had previously sent to her.  I had sent some fabric goodies to support her charity efforts.  She didn’t have to do that at all but it sure is appreciated!!  THANKS Joyce.  I look forward to seeing what you do with the tops.

After I wrote a blog post about the book Parallel Lines by Pamela Goecke Dinndorf that Linda gifted us I received two packages in the mail.  (Sorry Amazon doesn’t carry the book so no link).

I had said that I was interested in trying to collect black striped men’s 100% cotton shirts.

Well Roxanne to the rescue.  I think this one will be perfect.  Don’t you? It’s a nice gray stripe.

Beth also came to my rescue.  This black with the gray will be perfect!

I have been really looking for black striped shirts and seriously, they are hard to find!!

Please know that it is very surprising to me when people take time out of their day to think of or acknowledge me.  I can’t tell you how special that is to me.  This next note was extra special to me.  You might remember that I had written a blog post after a reader blasted me for having ads on the blog.  Read that post here.  I explained that I was using any money I made from the blog for a retirement fund….thus, me needing the ads.  In the comments that followed most were super supportive and for that, I am so grateful.

This was also super supportive.

If you can’t read the note it says:
For retirement or whatever.  I don’t seem to get ads but still want to support you and your FAB blog!

Aw…isn’t that the sweetest??  It sure was to me.  It seems that as much as one will make an effort to be hurtful another will be there with a pick me up.  This did my heart good….and yes.  It went straight to the bank and into the fund.

THANK you for being the one to pick me up and put a smile back on my face.

What a wonderful mail box tale…right??

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  1. Your story about kids growing up fast – yes, I remember driving the tractor for the baler, while mom went took time to make lunch, I steered the tractor while dad stacked bales. I was 5. It was just the way it was! I remember growing up feeling pride in being a very important part of our farming operation – because my brother and I were the ‘hired’ hands. My parents have told us over and over through the years that they couldn’t have run the farm without us, although we laugh that in today’s current climate – my parents would be arrested for child endangerment or abuse. I tried so hard to give my kids the same type of responsibilities – that couldn’t be replicated living in town, but they did have paper routes at a very young age. So much better than kids sitting the whole day in front of a screen.

  2. Yes, I remember driving tractor when I was young too. Although tractors were pretty small-scale back then, too. My dad would mow hay with a sycle mower, I drove tractor and pulled the hay conditioner, my sister would drive on the hay rake and my mom drove on the bailer. My sister and I also stacked hay in the mow and that was hard, sweaty work!! We spent a lot of time praying for rain :) ha ha. My dad would give us each $50. by fair time to go to the fair and we would blow the whole thing ;( Those were great family memories!

  3. Wow, Vivian’s not a wannabe, she’s more of a “getting it done” quilter! Such pretty fabrics!
    I stopped at the thrift store last week—very few black stripes and none that seemed right. I’ll keep an eye out! Beth sent a good one!

  4. Jo, I don’t know if I will ever make a Double Wedding Ring Quilt, even though my oldest asked for one for her wedding (18 years ago now), but I have been carefully reading each and every step of the way, so that I will remember how to do it. Plus I can check back on your blog and see the posts all over again. Your methods seem possible to follow, whereas the book and templates I bought to try so many years ago were not so helpful. But that was before great blogs like yours were available to us! Thank you for your blog!!

  5. Jo I really enjoy the blog and happily click the ads, a penny here and a penny there adds up. I hope to make the wedding ring quilt soon, still working on my stash fabrics for it. I really like the navy background that you used

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