In My Mail….

My mailbox has been bustling.

This box came on a day when Kayla and Karl’s girlfriend Renae were here.  Kayla squealed over the yarn as it was perfect for a project she was planning….but there were a couple chunky yarns that she couldn’t use so Renae who is also a crocheter took them.  It wasn’t until after they left that I realized I didn’t get a picture of the yarn so I snapped a picture.


Then my helpful Hubby knew I was cleaning up the house for childcare the next day and decided to help.  He grabbed the box and took it to recycling.  UGH.  I didn’t get a name of who sent it.  I am so embarrassed.  I feel really bad about it.  THANKS so much for thinking of Kayla’s charity knitting.  She really appreciates it.

In my mail from my niece Jody came these awesome variegated threads.  She know variegated is my favorite.  She is so sweet…a little update on her, Jody is my niece who is just 4 years younger than me who has been dealing with a second round of breast cancer.  She has been through all the treatments and is hopeful that no more will return.  She said it’s been a challenge getting back to real life…she has a busy summer planned with her five little kiddos.


I did kind of laugh when I saw the card she sent.  She’s the one who should have the card!!  THANKS Jode.

I got another package.  This one I have no idea who sent it.  It’s all stickers and note pads for the childcare kiddos.  They love these.  The three kids who are 3-ish are always playing restaurant and taking orders.  They love these for that.  THANKS SO MUCH.  This will surely keep them entertained.


I got a box from Ila too….see sent me….SCRAPS!!  My favorite!  Many neutrals which is also my favorite.  I love working on these.  I think a few of these are also going be cut up and make it into my Neighbor Girl’s pile of 5″ squares that she uses when she comes and sews.  There aren’t many light colored squares in what she has.


When Kelli was her last, Neighbor Girl came over too.  She was showing off the baby quilt top she did telling Kelli that she was making it for babies in hospitals that needed them.  It was precious.

Thanks so much for the goodies Ila.  They will be put to use for sure.

I so appreciate all of you for thinking of us.  Getting packages makes getting the mail fun and not a chore.

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