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It’s mail time!!  For three days in a row the mail lady had to bring my mail into my garage as the packages didn’t fit in the mailbox.  I definitely need to get her a courtesy gift card for Christmas again this year.  The first package came from Mary in WV.  She sent a note saying she was cleaning out her back log of quilt tops.  There are THREE here….another found a home already.  I didn’t get them out and show pictures as you’ll see much more of them as they get finished.

In the next box was fabric and patterns.  These came from Sue in So Cal.  She included a sweet note that I very much appreciated.  I bet we would be friends in “real life”.

The patterns made me smile.  I had both of the top two patterns.  I never did anything with the one on the left.  The one on the right, I made the doll and all the aprons.

There was lots of fabrics in the box.  These together could make a quilt….

There were panels and matching fabric for this too….

A whole lot of goodies were included in one box.

The last box came from Ila….She always sends great boxes….Wanna see?

The kiddos got paper and glue sticks which is perfect.  I gave myself a talking to and avoided the back to school supply sales only to find I was almost out of glues sticks.  Typically I buy LOTS and use it all year long but I knew I had a lot left over but didn’t inventory it.  Well…no glue sticks.  Ila saved the day!!

There was a nice cross stitch or hand quilting frame along with scraps.

My favorite…this.  Polka dots and a mini version of my big Betty Crocker Recipe book.  I love them both!!

What a treat to get so many things in the mail.  THANKS so much everyone.  We’ll put it all to good use.

5 thoughts on “In My Mail”

  1. I bet your small town post office appreciates all your business!! You keep them there, too!

    I ordered some of that quilt batting iron on yesterday. Can’t wait to try it. I know it will come in handy when we are piecing battings at church, too!

  2. Your mail box gets lots of fun stuff and I sure enjoy seeing it all and wondering what you will make with some of those fabrics.

  3. I have that doll pattern with the aprons! I made it and gave it to my sis in law. I made wings from wooden brackets/corner pieces off a table that belonged to her grandmother. I had the table but it was ruined in the flood of ’93. I decided to use those pieces as wings. Pam

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