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I’m behind on my mail updates…again.  I’m so terrible at it.  Please know that it doesn’t mean I’m not thankful for the gifts…just slow.

The first box of goodies came anonymously…or at least that’s what I am lead to believe as I can’t find a note in the boxes anywhere…well there is a card that says a return address in Wisner, LA but that’s it.  So whoever you are in LA, thanks so much.  I have passed all of this on to the knitters in my life.  My daughter Kayla doesn’t do a lot of cotton yarn knitting but my friend Connie does LOTS and LOTS so Kayla said to pass it along to her.  Connie was thrilled and said “thank you-thank you!!”

Kayla’s favorite yarn is little balls of leftovers so I quickly bundled them all up for her.  If I ever go thrifting and find the bag of yarn rolled up in small 2″ diameter balls, I always grab it for Kayla.  It’s a bag of happiness for her.  She makes primarily scrappy projects so the little leftovers are perfect for her.

In the box were also some quilt tops.  A couple are versions of jelly roll race quilts.  One is almost twin sized so I think I might pull some fabric from my stash and make it just a little bit bigger.  Twin sized and up are in such a demand.  The colors are wonderful…don’t you think??

Ellie sent some envelopes and stickers for the kiddos.  They so love them.  We make projects all the time and the kids are always asking if they can put stickers on the project.  They play mail with the envelopes and make letters for their friends.  Sometimes kids are content with the simplest of things.

A large envelope of goodies came from Veronica in MO.  The stickers that look like stamps are their absolute favorite as they know real stamps look “different” with the zig zag edge.  These were already snapped up and being used.  The little notebooks are often note pads for the “waitress” to take an order.  They are so imaginative.

Thanks so much ladies for thinking of me and causes I support….the kiddos thank you as do Kayla, Connie and I.  We do our best around here to make all gifts go for the enjoyment of someone!!

I do want to say that I got lots of things from retreaters when I went to the retreat last month.  Fabric scraps…goodies for the childcare kiddos, a bird bath stand from Connie and even more.  I forgot to take pictures of it all and now it’s all put away.  Thanks to you ladies too.

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  1. Treasures in your mailbox, how wonderful. Its nice to know that items can be used or shared with others who will put them to good use.

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