In My Mail…

I’ve had so many goodies come my way as of late.

I found this in a package in the mail one day….

There was no note.  I had no idea who it came from.  I started thinking and the first person I thought of was Kayla….I called and asked and yes it was from her.  Things had been a little crazy around here and I was a little bummed Karl was moving so this was my pick me up from her.  How sweet.  I love it.  Those of you who are Eric Carle Fans from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” fame, might recognize the caterpillar and the art.  Kayla also knows I wear my childcare clothing to DEATH!  Even stained, I wear them.  They are clean but often stained.  With all the kids and doing projects they get stained pretty easy.  I needed a new shirt!  This one is perfect!

From our friend and blog reader Linda came this….
Oh we love it!  I loved it.  Kelli loved it and Kayla loved it.  We were kind of trying to figure out a rotation with the book over who could look at it first.  Then we were all picking the quilts we’d like to make.

The book features quilts make with stripes!!  That translates into recycled shirts in my world.  YAHOO!!  We were all on board with this book.  I’ll do a review of it coming up.  Let me just say right now….WONDERFUL!!

Linda had it signed for us.  I love the “show your stripes” line.  Can you see a yellow book mark in the book?  Yes, I already bookmarked something and have been keeping an eye open for fabric.

A bit ago I got a box in the mail from a blog reader, Cathy in Oklahoma.  She started Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Carolina Christmas….she was super excited and then alas…she lost her enthusiasm.  Cathy has seen the great job our group of volunteers have done with finishing quilts and then passing them on to charity.  She sent me this one with the hope that I can get it to someone who will do just that, finish it and donate it on to charity.

If there is someone interested, contact me at  From what I can tell, it’s cut out(yahoo), and just barely started.  No guarantees that it might need a border or something like that, but most of it is there.  I’m willing to send some backing backing and binding fabric along if someone is will to make it.  Let me know…contact me at if you’re interested.

The goodies you see in the photo below came from Diane in WA.  She collected some great goodies for the childcare kiddos.

…and goodies for me.  LIZZIE KATE patterns!!  I’ve left cross stitching by the way side a bit but that’s okay.  That’s more of my fall/winter work.

I had the best of times looking through them.  I’ll always be a Lizzie Kate fan!!

Thanks so much to all the kind people who sent goodies….I think I forgot to tell about all the goodies Connie dropped off the last time she was through.  This is only a small tiny sampling of what she brought.  Everything else has found it’s home.  Connie is so thoughtful…

I am so blessed to have so many kind hearted blog readers who are so generous.  Thanks so much for thinking of me.  The goodies are so appreciated by me and the childcare kiddos.  Anytime anything come in the mail they always ask…is there something in there for us.  It’s so cute.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

3 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Great shirt, reminds me of my son’s child hood. And surprises are great! I’m sure I still have your address on the package I was sent from last week’s auction. Seeing the light in the little one’s eyes when they get mail is the best! It could even be junk mail and they love it. So funny!

  2. How cute is that shirt and the Hungry Caterpillar is such a cute book and the fabric line is adorable. Love all the goodies that come to your mail.

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