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Goodies for me!!  I love it.  I am sharing with Kelli and Kayla too.  First I got goodies from Carol in Sadona, Arizona.  She writes that she picked up some goodies while thrifting and shared them with me!!  She also writes that she just got an Instant Pot and wants me to keep posting recipes.  I’ll try.  I used it for so many things and most aren’t “recipes”.

There are some of the goodies.

…and more….

…and more.

I pulled this one out immediately.  Carver is way into trucks and construction equipment.  I think this will be a pillow case for his birthday.

I pulled these out for Kelli to use in her scrap vortex quilt.  She grew up with some of these characters.

I pulled out these…the fire things will be great…and you all know how I love polka dots!

Melissa in Florida sent some goodies….Vintage Floral Sheets for Kayla…awesome pink sheets for charity quilt backings….a cool horse themed brown corduroy that I really want to figure out what to do with. I have a girl here who is horse crazy.  It’s the same one that is ballerina crazy.  I’d love to think of something to make for her.  Also a stack of envelopes for the childcare kiddos was in the mix.  They are already use them.  You would be amazed at how fast they can use the envelopes up.  They love playing “office” or sending letters.

Sue from California, one of the readers who bought something on my auction, sent me scraps of gray fabric!!  Yahoo.  I have been saving grays as I know Bonnie Hunter has a gray string quilt in her upcoming book and I’ll be likely making it.  

All the little extra added pieces will really make the quilt sing!!  Thanks Sue!!

Thanks so much everyone.  All the goodies will be going for good use.  I so appreciate the kindnesses of you all.

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  1. Great treasure in your mail box, I love all those bits of themed fabrics and how nice to get firemen fabrics and what cute trucks! Enjoy

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