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I have had a busy mail box.  This box came from Mimi along with an email note:
“Just wanted to let you know I sent you a box of wood forms that are used in folk painting…but no paint….Hoping you can use is for a craft for the childcare kids.”

The box came and it was FULL.  She was so sweet and used fabric as packing material.

Check out the fabric.

There was LOTS of pieces in the box.  I’ve got it sorted into spring, Christmas and “other”.  We’ve already used the white ovals and hope to use the tulips soon.

The kids loved painting.  We ended up putting a magnet on the back of the eggs and they became refrigerator magnets.  This was WONDERFUL for them.  They love doing something different and this was definitely something we don’t normally do.

I got an envelope of goodies from Barbara.  She sent some fabrics for me to use for an “eye spy” quilt.  I really do want to make one sometime.  These prints were all fun.  Thanks so much for thinking on me…and of course stickers for the kiddos.  They love their stickers.  I got a new little girl in childcare and she is a sticker lover!  No mater what we make she wants to put stickers on it.  I never mind as long as she keeps them on her project.  She’s been wonderful with it so far.  Stickers really are a great way for the kids to practice fine motor skills.

She also added a fat quarter for Kelli….  It’s perfect for her don’t you think?
nursing fabric.

The next envelope that came was from Melissa.  You might remember Melissa as the blogger who wanted advice on her blog

Melissa said that she does this type of landscape quilting.  Isn’t it fun??  I’ll have to find a special place for this….I have a few other things. memento type things, that have been sent to me from blog readers that I keep in my sewing room.  This will go there.

Thanks so much ladies for thinking of me, the childcare kiddos and Kelli to.  We all love your generosity and kind hearts.

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  1. Just a thought (or four) about your World War II reading. I got on a mini kick for a while : All The Light We Cannot See, The Nightingale, Lilac Girls, and The Chilbury Ladies Choir. Give these a try if you haven’t all ready.

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