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One of the wonderful things about small town is out mail deliverers.  On days when there’s a package in the mail and it’s too big for the mailbox, my mail lady brings it in my garage and puts it on my steps.  I love it!  One because my package got safely to me and two…because the kids get to help me open the boxes.  They love opening boxes too.  For them, like me, it’s Christmas.  They are great at opening boxes and no matter what is inside they ow and ah with me.  We often are admiring completely opposite things….  This all came from Gwendolyn in Pittsburgh.

The kids loved the little sewn blocks…there were lots of floral prints.  Me, I was admiring but I was also counting and thinking to see if they could become a baby quilt or a doll quilt or what they could become.

The bring colors in this batik block they ogled over.  This I am sure will become a doll quilt….I’ve kind of been on a roll with them lately.

There were several big chunks…these were some.  I ended up counting and there were 4 fabrics that had four or more yards of fabric….PERFECT!!!  I was celebrating over them.  We often need backing for charity quilts and these are PERFECT in every way.  Good colors and great sizes.

Check out these fun blocks! I loved them and the kids did too.  There are several blocks, parts and pieces to make another block or two I think.  There’s more of the black fabric…so I’m hoping maybe a baby quilt can come from these…we’ll see once I really get to counting and trying to figure it out.

There was a started project in the bunch…this.  Hmmm.  So far all that was done was the nine patches.  The quilt looks harder with in set seams.  I’ve always wanted to make one with this pattern but have templates for the one I was going to do and the templates don’t match this…  Hmmm.  Maybe the nine patches could be upcycled into something else….Hmmm.  We’ll see.  I’ll likely contact Ronda and see if she’s interested.

In the bottom of the box was a big bag of scraps…all sorts of colors and all sorts of sizes.  These I will sort through one day over nap time.  It’s the perfect job for then.  I can sort and iron in the kitchen being really quiet while the kiddos sleep.

The kids were pulling and wanting to empty the whole bag but instead we all pulled out a couple favorite pieces and looked at them.  It was almost pick up time…but their eagerness to dig in gave me an idea.

I think I’m going to have them sort the bag of scraps into a color piles.  We’re learning our colors right now so it would be good practical opportunity to sort by color….ah, who needs toys…they are going to love this.  I’ll try to remember to snap a picture when we do it!!  I love the days when my quilting world and my childcare world can mesh…the kids seem to like it too.

Thanks so much Gwendolyn.  We had a fun time with your box or goodies and I didn’t even sew anything yet!!

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  1. Betty from Canada

    you don’t need a lot of fancy store bought things to each kids. All you need is a good imagination and some things that you can find around the house.Also glad to see Ruby is back “to work”

  2. What fun! It’s good for the children to learn to find joy in the everyday things in life. When we entertain them every moment with toys and events, we cheat them of the simple joys of life and learning to be content on ordinary days.

  3. When I was young, my sister was quite ill and therefore I was often sent to one of the elderly ladies in our small town to be babysat (although I thought I was just visiting). One neighbor lady, Ivy Mills, must have been a quilter. I can remember having so much fun looking through her fabric scraps and making little wrap around dresses for my dolls. She also let me slide down her banister. I’m told I was the only one allowed to that lol. You are giving your kiddos memories to last a lifetime and I wanted to tell you that!

  4. I see the black star quilt block as a basic nine-block. The small nine-patch is the center of the bigger nine-block. The black stars points are make with a block-in-a-block in an orange block. The corner blocks are again just a block in a block, on of the corner of a block-on-a-corner is orange. No inset seams just a lot of block-on-block patchwork. Pretty block.

  5. Oh a Jack’s Chain. Love that quilt but have never made one. I think I have a whole pinterest board of ideas. What magazine is that in? Have fun doing the color sorting with the kiddos!

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