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A box came in the mail for me from Cynthia in Texas…what a fun box!  I love the return address…”Enjoy, Happy Spring”.  It made me smile right away!

The box was covered in brown paper….I thought that was unusual.  When I was a kid my mom did that but I don’t see it often now….I opened the wrapping and could see why it was wrapped in paper….Look at the pretty box inside.

I lifted the lid and WOW!  FULL of goodies.

I dug and organized everything…WOW, that box was packed!  There were goodies for me, for the childcare kiddos and even Hubby!

The kids are going to love the stickers and crafty things.  On the picture below on the bottom left is a ladybug craft kit.  That will be a huge hit.  Crafty things are their favorites.  The after school kids would craft all day if I had enough ideas.

There are stickers for most every season.  My oh my they are stocked!!  Cynthia definitely spoiled them.

She spoiled me too.
Check out the goodies for me…..

Can you believe shirt pieces.  That pretty little stack in the back is recycled shirts!!  YAHOO!  I don’t have all of the blocks cut for my shirt quilt so these sleeves are going to be cut and put into my quilt.  What a fun memory I’ll always have of the quilt!

There were fat quarters and the fun Grandma mug.

Did you see the Ziplock bags in the back?  Those I’m sure are for Hubby.  I’ve written on the blog about how Hubby’s fingers have the worst time with anything that isn’t a zipper pull bag.  Now he has a fresh supply.  He laughed when he saw them.

Check this out…it was also in the box.

It’s a really neat ABC panel.  I love it.  If I hadn’t had Lucy’s quilt almost finished I would have made a baby quilt for her using this….it’s so pretty and the colors awesome….no overpowering PINK like so many girl things are…I love flower and gardening so you can imagine that I’d like this….

Cynthia is for sure a master gift giver….She sent all of the perfect things.

Before I go I thought I would show what we did with some of the Easter stickers.  I made the page “B is for Basket” on the computer and then we decorated the baskets…The kiddos just turned two and stickers are a great fine motor opportunity for them…plus we’re starting to learn our letters.  Real simple but it was a quick and fun activity to do with them.

THANKS so much Cynthia.  Your thoughtfulness is appreciated by us all!  It’s always a good day when the mailman brings the mail to the door because it won’t fit in the mailbox.

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