In My Mail….

I got a box in the mail…Hubby brought it in asking if I ordered anything.  I had but the box wasn’t what I ordered.  I got something even better…a box of goodies from Tina.

I opened that box and inside was a note….See where is says “I wish I could see your face when you go thru the box”.

Well Tina…Hubby obliged and made your wish come true.  He snapped a couple pictures..
There were all sorts of goodies inside.  I did some sorting.
There are quite a few blocks and extras here.  I think she could make a baby quilt but might need a border….the good think is that the border wouldn’t have to match the brown.  It could be green or tan or another one of the browns in the fabric.
This was a fun scrappy project.  You can see that some scrappy crumb blocks are matched  with some printed squares to make blocks.  
There was also a stack of these blocks….more would be needed to make a quilt but they look pretty easy to make.
There was also a bunch of these pieces sections.  I looks like Tina pieced it all together and then cut something out of the center.  I’ve got my thinking cap on to see if I can come up with something. There was also this piece that made me smile. A lot of work went into this.  I’m not sure if it should be finished as is or expanded.  There isn’t anymore of the blue fabric so…again, my thinking cap is on.

It’s always so interesting digging through a box that is sent.  When I get a box like this it’s especially interesting.  I wonder what was made that with the puzzle piece fabrics.  I wonder if the other blocks were extras from a project that was finished or if it was a project that lost momentum….then I start wondering what the quilt looked like or why the momentum was lost.  A whole bunch of thoughts run through my mind.

Thanks so much for thinking of me and the charity quilt project Tina…your gift was very much appreciated…

P.S.  I really always love opening goodie boxes.  They make my day!!

2 thoughts on “In My Mail….”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    That spool and sewing machine quilt needs to just be quilted and hung in your quilting room…just to remind you of the love your readers have for you!! And that quilt that looks like it was sliced in half vertically…a strip of a bright solid put between the two halves would be very “modern” or a strip of many bright solids about 6″ wide would be cool too.

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