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I’ve had a few emails come in.  I’m working on getting through my email but it got piled up over the last few weeks after I had that super crazy week and alas, I’m behind again.  I spent much of Sunday trying to get through some but even after five hours at it…I’m not done.  That’s the sad news…but the happy news is this!!  I have some fun email to share with you.  Blog readers had been sending some great things and I thought you’d all love to know about them too…

Leslee writes:
You inspired me when you made the napping quilt for Carver. (I believe it was for him if I remember correctly.) My grandson started kindergarten this year. When I spoke with him after his first day he said something like “We have to sleep on a towel, Grandma.” You could tell he thought it was strange. With his mother’s approval, I made a napping towel quilt. All because of your post. Thank you!


Carol writes:
I have a silly request to collect shirt collars from your readers.  Sadly I don’t have a pic to show you but I make dog collars out of men’s shirts.  Our church had a booth at Dog Daze in our town yesterday and I had cut off shirt collars and sewed lace and eyelet trim to the girly ones and serged the boy/blue ones.  The collars easily slip over a dog’s head in most cases.  This was our first year but wondered if you could put out a request for those who don’t know what to do with them, please send them to me!  2 Ipswich Circle NE, Fort Walton Beach, Fl 32547.  Bits of lace and eyelet trim goes around the collars too if they want to get rid of it.

And any ten-inch squares of football-themed fabric. We had one fellow come by with an Iowa shirt on.  Mostly we have southern college teams like Alabama, FSU, Florida, LSU, Arkansas, Auburn, Miami, etc. near here and I can get most of those.  It is much appreciated.  Our church had a booth to bless the animals and we blessed about 100 dogs.  And made $232 on selling $2 dog scarves and a few more things.  It was fun!  I promise to send pics but signing up for the booth was a last-minute thing and making shirt collars and scarves was nonstop for a month.  Thanks in advance.”

Is anyone destructing shirts??  Carol would like your collars if you’re not going to be using them yourself.  If you want to help Carol’s group you can contact Carol using this email address to get her mailing address:

Carol did note:  “They just have to cut below the collar including the bottom with the collar.

Susan is a fast quilter.  She already made our Halloween Hoopla quilt.

She writes:
Hi Jo, I finished HH today, will long arm on October 6th. What a fun pattern and lots of sewing and piecing. Here’s my photo.

WOW…That quilt was just out in the last issue of American Patchwork and Quilting and already Susan has finished one!!  Impressive!!

Here is our version of the quilt…

You can read all of the details about the quilt including publishing information by following THIS LINK.

Carol (not the same Carol as the Carol who is looking for shirt collars) writes:
I just wanted to thank you again for highlighting my blog for Canadians to send me goodies to make and finish charity quilts.  Here is the first shipment I received and it was a box full of goodies!  These quilts will be quilted and bound and then donated to either Quilts for Wildfire Victims here in British Columbia or to Victoria’s Quilts Canada which provides comfort quilts to Cancer patients.  Both charities touch my heart as I have had family members suffer from wildfire and house fire losses, was just on Evacuation Alert for several weeks, and have family and dear friends dealing with Cancer.  

Today I went to grab the mail because I had been emailed that I had a parcel from Denise B. She knew that I collect quilt tops, fabric, and blocks to make charity quilts.

This is the photo of the piles of goodies in the box:

Incredible quilt tops, backing fabric, blocks, and scraps.

I had to look at the quilt tops. They are pieced so well that it is going to be a joy to put them on the frame and finish them up. I’ll measure them before I load them on the frame and check to see if they need borders added to bring them to size for the Charities I donate to.”

If you’re interested in seeing pictures of all of the quilt tops, please go to her blog post HERE.

Carol got in another haul.  She writes:
Thank you Jo!  It was a sweet beautiful box of great fabric goodies and today I opened another one I picked up at the post office from the same wonderful Denise.”

Here are the great quilt tops.  This is rail fence quilt with sashing.

This is a fun mix of pretty colors…

Another great top that someone is sure to appreciate once it’s all finished.

There were other goodies too!!

It looks like Carol is going to be a busy charity quilt finisher!!

So many great project just waiting to happen!!

If you live in Canada and would also like to donate to Carol, she is #36 on the list of people who would appreciate quilt donations to be used for their charities.  You can find the full listing HERE.

You can see why getting through my email takes so long…There are so many good things to see!!  Thanks to everyone who shared their projects, needs and haul with us.  I like being in touch with you all.


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