In Between it all Project

I started a new project….Yep, I know I was going to try to focus on some UFO’s but it looks like I am throwing in a curve ball.  I am calling it my in between it all project.

You might remember last week I showed a picture of it while I was working on it in the car.


I have it all in a little tote and as we travel, I clip.

Well Sunday we still had people still staying after Kelli’s bachlourette party and I wanted to work on something yet still visit so I grabbed the project back out and started trimming.


I just am not very good at sitting and visiting without a project to do.

I just pull out the project and plop down at the table in the middle of all the craziness happening and trim.  It’s so relaxing and it keeps my hands busy.  I love that.

Many of the steps to this project are transportable or adjustable so I can talk on the phone and work on it…grab it for a car ride or just do a little mindless work.  Sometimes, that is exactly what I need.  I am off…I need to make up another batch and have them ready for a car project.  This project is just something I work on in between all the other things I have happening.  It’s one of those projects that I”ll likely feel that magically came together as I never sat down and worked on it.  I love those kind.

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