I’m Still Here!!

Hello all…

I’ve gotten multiple emails from people wondering if I’m okay or asking why my blog isn’t in their email feed.  I’ve had people asking me to subscribe them.

Kalissa even had people messaging her wondering if I’m okay as my blog didn’t come through their email subscription.

I’m here…I’ll always be here-just like I’ve always been.  If something would happen to me now or at any time, I promise one of the kids will jump on the blog and let you know.  They know my passwords and know how to blog so we’d never leave you wondering.

Our family knows that for many of you, we’ve become your friends and virtual neighbors.  Friends don’t leave friends hanging so we’d never do that.

More than ever I know many are you are hoping for some good news, something  light hearted….something that is much happier than reading about the turmoil we are facing.  I don’t know I’ll always have good news but I will have something to share, a Rosie story, a grand kid story, a project I’m working on or something that I’m stitching to share.  Because of that more than ever I am trying to make sure I keep a schedule up with two blog posts a day with the exception of Sundays when I only have one.

If you do read my blog through an email service, please note that if the blog post doesn’t come to you, it’s the email service that is at fault…not me and not due to anything I’ve done.  I don’t control that at all.  If you find my email isn’t coming, the best thing you can do is unsubscribe and then resubscribe again.  That often helps.

I’ve had a lot of questions about two of the quilts I’ve been machine quilting…This one….

and this one….

They are both bound.  I’m waiting for the winds to die down so I can take some pictures of them.  Then this week, I will do full blog posts on each of them with all of the pattern details, color choices and other info about them.  I got my Frolic mystery quilt done too so there will be lots of fun and hopefully interesting posts this week.

I’ve seen that some of you have found the Amazon link at the top of the right hand column on the blog.  If you hit that link, it will take you to Amazon.  Amazon then pays me a small commission on items you buy.  I never know who bought what only that something was purchased.  With me now working that little bit that comes in helps pay for the expenses I encounter with the blog.  I really appreciate it when you use the link.

…and with that, I’m off of to sew.  Ruby is being good today.  She’s figured out how to jump up on the toy box and now watches out the window.

Ah…what a difference life makes when she’s being good.

Oh, I almost forgot, I finished a cross stitch piece too.  I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “I’m Still Here!!”

  1. Mary Ann Mettler

    I can see you are having another busy day – Rosie looks so cute looking out the window. I am one that looks forward to hearing from you each day. You could write a book you know!

  2. My dog, Pippin, loves to look out the window. Her bed is in front of the French doors to the deck, so she often spends her day napping and watching everything. Is there a window in your sewing room that she can use to look outside?

  3. Just a reminder, folks, you can go to the blog by putting Jo’s Country Junction in a search engine. Then you can see if there are any new posts and don’t have to rely on email. If you are on Facebook, Jo’s Country Junction is there, too.

    Can’t wait to read your quilt posts about those beautiful quilts.

  4. Rosie is so darned cute. Sorry I live so far away so please give her a doggie treat for my. And a hug too. I don’t know the pattern name for the first quilt on the frame but I just love the liveliness of the quilt and fabric choices.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    I am happy you’re ok so far and busy. I’m looking forward to the finished quilt blogs. They are all such lovelies. Take care keep looking up to Jesus.

  6. LaNan Eldridge

    Your quilts are beautiful even if they aren’t ‘staged’ yet! Believe me I understand a good dog day !!!

  7. I’m anxious to read the blog posts about the two quilts.I really like both of them! And I’m anxious to see the cross stitch you finished. Rosie is so cute!

  8. Rosie looks like she is adapting to sheltering in place. She is probably wondering where are all the kids. Looking forward to details on the two gorgeous quilts! Stay safe and healthy.

  9. I am always glad to hear from you — the good and the hard. Rosie is such a pretty dog. Glad she is having a good day. We moved from IL to AL almost 7 years ago to be near our oldest daughter. We didn’t need help but knew that sometime down the road we probably would, and we thought it would be easier for her if we were closer. Never did we imagine it would be over something like the corona virus. Our daughter has grounded us because of underlying health issues, so she and her husband have made grocery runs for us.
    A week ago my husband drove up to northern Indiana to pick up our CA granddaughter who’s university was closing. She will be with us until it is safe for her to fly home. I am really enjoying having her here, but I’m sorry her year has ended this way. I also am thankful for the internet which allows her to be in touch with her friends and to finish her spring classes. So glad I don’t mind staying at home — have lots of books to read and projects to sew. That being said, I also am very interested in the top picture you showed. Our quilt guild is making skinny twins for the Youth Detention Center to add color to their beds and their spaces. Skinny quilts are 50″x80″. What are the sizes of the pieces in that top quilt? Right now I am also making masks for our youngest daughter who works in an ER in a hospital in VA. Life is sure an adventure, isn’t it.

  10. Angie in SoCal

    I wondered where your emails had gone. Hadn’t seen one since end of February. I was reading my emails and accidentally sent one to spam. Went there and lo and behold there were all your emails for March! I quickly moved them all to my inbox and am slowly enjoying them doing catch up. Love the two quilts you’re now binding. So pretty.

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