Kelli was home a couple weekends ago.  She had a new water bottle and was happy and excited about it.  I said…”really Kelli.  It’s a water bottle?!?”

Well I’m doing the same thing she did.  I’m all happy and excited about a water bottle.

Let me explain:
This water bottle keeps the water cold for a LONG time.  The outside of the bottle said it will keep hot things hot for 12 hours and cold things cold for 24 hours.  I’ve been using the bottle for a week now and can say that the cold part is true.  In fact, my water has stayed cool even longer than the 24 hours advertised.

This is great for me…I have a medicine that I have to take preferably in the morning and has to be taken an hour before eating.  Hmm.  That has made breakfast annoying so I’ve learned to take it in the middle of the night when I get up and go to the bathroom.  Well I am suppose to take it with a glass of water.  That makes this hard as the water that is in the faucet in the upstairs bathroom is soft water.  I had been taking a water bottle upstairs but the water is warm by the time I take my pill in the middle of the night.  Warm water seems stale to me.  I just don’t like it….but I had no choice so would either take the pill and drink it down with warm water or soft water from the water softener.

Well now that I have the new water bottle…I have cold water ALL DAY LONG!  No more stale or soft water for me!!  It has made taking pills so much more pleasant…I know, sometimes in life, it truly is the little things.

One day I forgot it upstairs and didn’t refill it before I went to bed.  It turns out the water was still cold when I took my meds and that was 36 hours after I filled it.  No…not ice cold but cold.  I am completely sold on the water bottle.  Here is an Amazon link for one by the same company but a different design.  If you’re interested in one, go to Wal-Mart.  Our local one had bottles of varying colors, style and size.  Kelli has a giant one.  I got a medium one.

Another way I have truly enjoyed it was traveling.  Remember I went to Lacrosse for that biopsy.  Well Lacrosse is 2 hours away…my water bottle sat in the car parking ramp while we were in the clinic.  Well I came out and got a drink expecting stale water….nope.  It was cool and delicious.  Honestly, a cool drink of water was so appreciated and unexpected.

The bottles are $15 each or so depending on size and style.  I’m really tempted to get rid of all of my other ones and get one move of these.  I don’t need to keep them in the refrigerator anymore.  I can put ice in and fill with water…there is no need to refrigerate it.  The only draw back that I can see so far is that the bottle is heavier than others.  I think it’s got a double stainless steel lining and that creates the weight.  I do recommend getting a bottle that has an opening big enough to fill with ice.  Putting ice in the the water bottle is what make the water stay cool for more than 24 hours.

So that’s me being so excited about a water bottle…yep, really sometimes little things are the sweet things.  I have two people on a Christmas list that I think I’ll be getting these for…it might initially seem like a lame present but after using it, they’ll understand.

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