I’m on Fire for my Kindle Fire

It’s a two post day…Here’s the earlier post about the Quilt Square Quilt Along.

Onto the latest post…For Christmas, hubby bought me a Kindle Fire.  Kelli’s boyfriend bought her one too.  Both of us LOVE them.


Kelli even gave up sewing time to play on hers.  Here she is busy playing Angry Birds.  I’ll admit, I even downloaded Angry Birds too…it’s a little addicting, but relaxing too.  I purchased the app that was ad free from a $1 or so.  I found another app I have been using…My Fitness Pal.  It keeps track of calories in and calories out.  So far, I like it…or should I say, I like the app…not the dieting it is guilting me into doing.

We had friends over for New Year’s Eve.  They brought their first grade daughter along.  I downloaded a couple books for her and showed her Angry Birds.  She was busy most of the night playing with my Kindle.

There is a Netflix app on it so I can watch Netflix movies with my Kindle.  I can surf the web, read email and read blogs with it too.  A Kindle Fire is really just a mini computer that lets you read books.

I’ve been reading books.  I am a cheap skate when it comes to that.  I found a whole section on Amazon that has free Kindle Books.  You can find it here.  If you look to the left hand column you will see that there are books that are free in different genres too.  The list is ALWAYS changing so I check quite frequently.

I have bifocals in my glasses.  Previously, reading in bed has been hard for me.  I can’t lay in the pillows and get my head tilted to the right angle to see through my bifocals.  I had almost given up on reading in bed…but my Kindle Fire allows me to make the text bigger and now I have no problem reading in bed.

So far I have read The Secret Holocaust Diaries (this one was still free when I checked) and RENA’S PROMISE: TWO SISTERS IN AUSCHWITZ Both books were good and both were about people who survived  the Holocaust.  I’m reading a WWII book set in German occupied Italy, To Find A Mountain...so far this is good.

I am super excited because my library belongs to an online group of libraries called NEIBORS.  Previously they didn’t offer Kindle books on loan but now the do.  That sure made me a happy girl…free is good in my little world.  I will have to wait for some of the books to be available but I am okay with that.  Between free Amazon books and the online library, I highly doubt that I will purchase many books.

It really has been a WONDERFUL present.  Thanks to our son Buck and his girlfriend Jen for purchasing the protection plan and a great cover too.  I love the computer part but more than that, I am so happy I can read in bed again!!

I do want to caution you that it will work best if you have a wireless router for your computer….also one other downfall is that so far, I can’t listen to audiobooks from my library on it.  I can download an app and listen to Aubible books but those I have to pay for…remember I like free :)

My friend Michelle from Michelle’s Romantic Tangle and her teenage daughter both got Kindle Fires for Christmas too.  If you are looking for another opinion about the Kindle Fire, head on over there and see how she reviews it.

I am hooking up with What Works for Me Wednesday.

13 thoughts on “I’m on Fire for my Kindle Fire”

  1. I received the NOOK for my b-day last month and love it too!! Isn’t it amazing how far technology has come?!!!

    PS…still haven’t located my pattern! ARGH!!!

  2. Thank you for the review on the Kindle Fire. I have been thinking about getting it. I went over to Michelle’s blog too. I use the My Fitness Pal app. So far I have lost between 22 and 24 pounds since the end of July. Keeping track of my calories has really helped a lot. Now I just need to keep going with it and lose another 25 pounds or so.


  3. I have a nook and I love it. For the nook the downloadable auible books have to be in a MP3 formatt maybe you need that for the Kindle also. One good thing about the auible books they don’t expire on the NOOK you have to delete. Love Love Love It

  4. I am a member of My fitness Pal too. I am caliecat my screen name. i have been a member for 3 years I love it there. I started a thread Called The Golden Sneakers. back in 2008 I gave it up and turn it over to a wonderful Lady. We are now in the Senior Golden Sneakers Group, I am really just now getting serious about my weigh . But Have met a tons of new friends there, Hey we ought to get a group going for quilters / I really like our set up now. come look us up.

  5. My 11 yo son got the Kindle Fire for Christmas. He and my husband LOVE it!!! and Angry Birds was his first app!
    I got a Kindle Touch for Christmas and I LOVE it so much!!

  6. I have a Kindle Fire, too – and love it! I have found that I can stream better through Amazon Prime than through Netflix, and it’s cheaper – plus you get free 2-day shipping on lots of things that Amazon sells! We have a big problem with streaming with Netflix – we lose the signal constantly, or it changes to a lower quality transmission. Amazon offers a free 30-day trial on Prime – you might want to try it out!

    Also, be sure to try Angry Birds Rio – lots of fun, and fewer pigs!

  7. Hi Jo!
    You might like to check the blog Books on the Knob. It is a blog about free or reduced price ebooks. I check it daily. Sometimes the special is available only that day. I’ve found lots of great books on this site.

  8. I have a Fire too and love it….don’t forget to go to APP Store there is a different free app everyday.. Books on the Knob is a great blog.

  9. Thanks! I’ve heard so much about Kindle Fires (and have even written Kindle books), but I don’t have one yet and wondered exactly what all they could do. This helps!

  10. I love my Kindle Fire too … it’s like my new best friend … poor Hubby, need to remember to pay attention to him, like you said, I can FINALLY read in bed with dim lights and no glasses :) On book #3 now since Christmas

  11. I love mine too! Aren’t they amazing?

    I’m cheapy too….so I search for everything I want to read free. I usually find it too.
    I’m uploading the My Fitness app too. My bestie and I are in cahoots to connect through it with our iPhones.

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