I’m on Crumb Control….

As many of you know I have been working on TWO crumb quilts….The top of the one from recycled cotton is together.


But the one from the Civil War reproduction fabrics slid to my back burner while I am working on some deadline projects.  If you have worked with crumbs at all, you know that they can “explode” everywhere.  In a effort to control the scraps and keep the blocks all in one place, I purchased a “knitting” bag/holder for the scraps at the thrift store.  It works WONDERFULLY.  I have been able to pop in open, sew a couple blocks and pop in shut again.  It was definitely worth the $1.50 that I paid for it.


I know the fabric is pretty funky….all the way 70’s for sure.  It reminds me of wallpaper my mother had.  It folds up so nicely…


It was a super lucky day at the thrift store as I found a bigger one with a non-70’s fabric.  It’s holding my string quilt pieces.

Make sure to take some time to check out the links on last week’s post.  I am adding a linky here too in case anyone wants to link up and show their progress.

Remember we’ll have a linky party on Novemeber 15th and another on January 31st to show your finished quilts.

I am eagerly awaiting the news on Bonnie’s new mystery quilt.  Rumor is that fabric requirements will be posted today…you can check Bonnie’s  blog here….you can bet I’ll be checking in several times today.

5 thoughts on “I’m on Crumb Control….”

  1. Love the crumb quilts. Beautiful. Knitting bag is a great idea, my mom has a couple of those – just wonder if she’s willing to part with them.

  2. As soon as I saw the 70’s fabric I also remembered your old bedroom upstairs and the brown flowers, or the green ones in the kitchen! Then I read the rest of the blog and smiled! :) Fun!

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