I’m Jamming-Strawberry Rhubarb Jamming

Yesterday was jam making day…for three reasons.
1.  Strawberries were cheap.
2.  Rhubarb was plentiful.
3.  Spencer’s birthday is coming up and  I thought I would give him a jar or two…

Making jam isn’t my favorite.  I love that it isn’t as messy as salsa but I hate that it’s hard to tell just how sweet the jam tastes or how set it is until the next day.

I had a little trouble too because I doubled the recipe.  Then my pectin from last year looked a little iffy so I used bulk pectin that I bought from the Amish and didn’t know how much to use.  It was a complete and total guessing game as part of the pectin was listed as not needing sugar and part was needing sugar.  I kind of used this recipe…or at least is was my foundation before everything went haywire.

It’s set now and all in all it’s pretty good.  A little sweeter than I like but I think I am the only one who will be saying anything about it being too sweet….Hubby will say there is no such thing.  I am off to make some homemade buns.  Nothing is better than homemade buns and jam.

2 thoughts on “I’m Jamming-Strawberry Rhubarb Jamming”

  1. ARGH! I made strawberry Jam w free berries from my DD, I wanted it to be low sugar so I used agave. The first batch, I had about 4pts of berries, and used 1/2 c of the agave and low sugar pectin. it’s good great flavor, but not sweet enough for anyone else.
    the second recipe called for white Grape juice concentrate, to 2 c of berries. I had about 4-5 so I needed to double the recipe. I thought it called for a 1/2 c of juice so I put the whole can in plus 1/2 c of agave!!! now I have a grape/strawberry flavor, and the grape is pretty strong.

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