I’m in SHOCK!

You may have noticed, I haven’t said anything about our remodeling project for a LONG time.  Why haven’t I?


Well….if you have watched Disney’s Bambi movie, you learned that Thumper says, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”  That’s why I haven’t said anything….I couldn’t say anything nice.

Today….I can finally say something nice.  After a month, we FINALLY had a worker show up today.  Yes, a month.  At the end of August I thought things were going so great, we’d probably move in over Labor Day weekend….then the workers quit showing up.  UGH….Then towards the end of September we had a worker for about two days.  They built steps during that time…then nothing…no one…no one at all until TODAY.  All in all we have had two workers for two days since Labor Day.

Even though a worker is actually here today, I am not getting my hopes up.  I have put in a STRONG request that a dryer vent be installed.  Two weeks ago, our washing machine broke.  We bought a new washer and had it installed in the new laundry room..only problem, we can’t bring the dryer up because there is no vent.  I’ve been dragging wet clothes down the steps to the dryer in the basement…UGH!

All that is left is trim work, door installation, the dryer vent, a garage door opener…and finishing up the steps.  It’s all do-able in a couple days if a worker would just keep coming…

4 thoughts on “I’m in SHOCK!”

  1. I am so sorry this is happening to you. We have talked a few times about building our next home, but keep going back to several conversations we have had with a pool builder friend. He told us the “norm” is to build like crazy for a few days/weeks depending on the size of the job then nothing, like you experienced. He said he didn’t understand why, but every site he has been on does it this way. He told me if we decide to build, to put in the contract instead of paying 1/2 now and 1/2 at completion, to do it in 1/4 payments. Then I would have more response when I call since I am holding the money not them. I’m not sure I will ever build but you never know. I hope they show up and put in your vent, wet laundry is heavy.

  2. Hi “Jo”
    I just found your blog! I see you are still sewing. I have some goodies from a long time ago still hanging around. I’m still creating, but not so much with flowers since I retired, but starting to work with glass. Stained and fused glass for hangings and jewelry.
    Just wanted to say that we built our whole house in slightly more time than it has taken you so far. We did get slowed down by the supplier sending the wrong sized patio door. that held everyone else up. We had a great time building.
    Love your quilts and will be sharing your blog with my “quilty” friend.

  3. Jo,
    I can relate. We put an addition on our house after our last child was born. Unfortunately, we (it ended up being me) decided to be general contractors on the project. A job that should have taken 3 months dragged on to almost a year. I ended up holding the last payment until finally one day the contractor called me and asked why? Amazing how fast work can get done when they want to be paid!! Good luck!

  4. Holy Cow, is that your house? I am obviously just catching up with the last few months on the blog here but Wow, I need to come see up close! I know that it is frustrating but hang in there, the picture looks FABULOUS (at least from the outside!) :) I am going to get these quilts pieced together and come see you soon, I just don’t get a lot done at 15 minute intervals and at this point in my life, that is all I have at one sitting most days! I am so thankful for the fabric…they are going to be great! :)

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