I’m in LOVE..

That’s right.  I am in love.  I’m in love with my pressure cooker.

Some time ago, Judy over at Patchwork Times was singing the praises of her pressure cooker.  I didn’t have one but I was intrigued.  In the back of my mind I can remember a few things my mom had made with a pressure cooker even thought she only made them a couple times.  Later, I happened to be at Wal-Mart walking through the cookware isle and there was a pressure cooker.  It was not a fancy one and was only about $30.  I debated and debated…maybe I should get a higher quality cooker…no, I wondered, what if I don’t use it or it’s just a fad.  Finally I decided to break my bank and just get the cheapo one from Wal-Mart telling myself if I loved and used it until it was shot, I’d buy a nice one next time.

At first I used it a little bit.  I made a recipe or two mostly beans in some combination.  Now I have to say, I use it all the time.  Likely at least five days a week.  I mainly make some sort of bean concoction, soup or potatoes.


Soup from the pressure cooker is by far the best.  I happen to have a half bag of mixed beans in the cupboard that had fallen over and a couple spilled prompting me to just use them up.  So today I popped them all in the pressure cooker with plenty of water to cover the beans.  I added a couple cups of cubed ham, an onion and chopped up carrots that needed to get used up.  I threw in some ham seasoning and popped the lid on.  25 minutes later I had a perfect batch of soup.  It is so easy with a pressure cooker.

The flavor of everything is so much better in a pressure cooker.  I sure am glad I have one.   I have had it a few years now and I can honestly say that should something happen to it, I would probably upgrade to a nicer one…I think I use it enough to justify the purchase of better model but in the mean time, I’ll keep using the one I have.

Now I’m off to enjoy my soup before it gets cold.

6 thoughts on “I’m in LOVE..”

  1. My husband is the one who does the cooking in the pressure cooker. I don’t ever remember using one before we were married. His Mom always used one and I guess he learned from her. Now that we have cut out most carbohydrates from our diet, we don’t use it often.

  2. I use mine to make pinto beans and to cook my potatoes for mashing all the time. I don’t even know how to cook either of these things the regular way. Lol! That’s how Mom always cooked them, so that’s how I do it too.

  3. The pressure cooker really does a good job of tenderizing cuts of meat that normally need a long time in the oven. I can have beef stew on the table in less that 30 minutes! And a whole chicken just falls apart, making chicken and dumplings super easy to fix!

  4. I have one of the electronic ones. It confuses me and takes a while to bring up to pressure and then the cooking times are so variable. I wonder if the old fashioned ones are easier.

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