I’m Home!!


I am SO excited to be home!!  I had a great time and plan to get away and see Bonnie Hunter again…but it’s good to be home too.  I made it home just in time to grab my binder and run off to a church meeting.  I am finally home for good catching up with Hubby, Kalissa and Gracie.  Apparently, I was missed.

I’ll deal with all this tomorrow….

I have all that to take care of…along with an inbox of 184 emails!  If you were hoping for my typical “Try it on Tuesday” post, don’t fear…I’ll add that later today.  I’ll also be working on the Quilt Square Quilt Along parade which will be up on the 4th….oh and I did I mention, I have a doctor’s appointment, and a trap shoot meet to attend….nothing like being home!!

3 thoughts on “I’m Home!!”

  1. I know exactly how you feel Jo! I was at retreat for 4 days last week and came home to a million things needing my attention. But it was so lovely to be home! Enjoy your day and try to catch up slowly if you can :*)

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