I’m Connecting the Dots..but need help.

My “design floor” is busy today…..  It’s probably going to be busy a bit longer because I have to make some decisions.  Maybe you can help!  Here are the blocks from Judy’s Connect the Dot quilt.  I made mine scrappy as I didn’t have yardage of any fabrics in the lengths suggested.


I am in love with how it is looking.  My hubby even suggested that it “looks more like a guy quilt” and I think he’s right.  Here’s another shot of it.


I have the blocks done according to Judy’s pattern. Now it’s time to sew them together and start adding borders.   That’s where my dilemma comes into play.  Being the quilt is so scrappy, I don’t know if I should add the borders as Judy suggests. (Here’s a link to how her’s looks with all the borders) The multiple borders seem to make the quilt more “formal” looking. In my mind the “formal” look doesn’t jive so well with scrappy.  Well it’s not big enough as is so I am thinking about adding two rows of blocks on each side…and then start thinking about a border after that.

But…here’s the problem.  See the fabric in the green triangle?  I used it consistently throughout the blocks to tie the quilt together a bit.   I am out of that fabric….UGH!  I have a companion fabric that is the same pattern…a touch more “brownish” green and the berries are not red.  I know the fabric is an old Andover Fabric…and I stumbled around the internet looking for more last night with no luck.


I am thinking I am just going to make the extra blocks with the “brownish” version of the fabric.  I am REALLY loving the look of this quilt…..I almost didn’t do the mystery as I was pressed for time.  I’m sure glad I did!

If you have any ideas on helping me out to finish this quilt, please leave a comment….

Here’s one last Go! at the free Accuquilt Go! circle die giveaway….I’ll announce a winner tonight.

33 thoughts on “I’m Connecting the Dots..but need help.”

  1. I love it! I agree it does look like a guy’s quilt. Do you have the selvage from the fabric? I may have some of it. How much would you need? I will see if I have it and if I have enough.

  2. Use what you have. That is the idea of scrap quilts. Then just sprinkle the new blocks amid the old and voila! A lovely, scrappy quilt. (but if it will drive you crazy pursue more of the same… nothing like always seeing only one thing every time you see a quilt…)

  3. doing the extra blocks with the companion fabric that is close to the one you used consistently would still tie the blocks together and serve as a border. This will keep the scrappy look but still have something to be consistent

  4. Why not make your border scrappy also? I think the design will work very well. By the way, I love your scrappy Connect the Dots. I am making mine in Bonnie’s colors except I used maroon in place of the green. If I hadn’t had yardage I would have made mine scrappy too! Also, my quilt is quite masculine and I think will make an excellent Christmas gift for a male.

  5. JO, I would go ahead and use the second fabric, and put those blocks around the outside of the quilt like Kathy suggested. It looks great!

  6. I agree with Annie. I like Judy’s quilt too but I was wondering what it would look like scrappy – Now I know.

    I would put a border of blue, then brown, then blue again. It would draw out the brown and more of the blue because of the blue squares running thru out the quilt.

    But it’s your quilt do what you think. I also like it without any borders but I would make a little larger than normal binding to go with it – not a lot bigger, just a little.

  7. This is beautiful with all its scrappy goodness! I did this mystery too and really loved how it turned out. I don’t want to post because it is a gift so after the holidays it will be posted. I think I need to try this in a scrappy look…..I love, love, love yours!!

  8. Have to tell you that YOURS is so much my style with the scrappy kind of look and not controlled. My guys would like this one too (that says ALOT!!)
    I don’t care for the borders she put on hers…in fact…does it really need borders?

  9. I know this is a little unconventional – but I don’t think it needs borders at all. I would also play with the blocks a little and make sure this is the layout you like the best. I know – I’m a rebel LOL!!

  10. I have that same fabric in brown–and you’re right, the berry is not red, it is more orangey. But it does have the same print so I think your idea is perfect. I’m not sure I agree that borders are formal. Sometimes they are just a good “stop” for the eye and keep all the focus on the scrappy goodness in the center:)

  11. I was wondering how that quilt would look if it was scrappy — now that I’ve seen yours I definitely want to make myself one. I really like Judy’s borders, but I think you could definitely leave it plain. That’s what I do with most of my own scrap quilts.

  12. I don’t think adding JudyL’s suggested borders will make your quilt formal looking. You will continue to make it scrappy and that will casual it up just fine. But here’s a suggestion from your path of thought…how about reversing the coloring of identical blocks, that is where you have the constant green fabric pick a constant blue fabric and change from blue to green the scrappy parts of the block. You can use the new constant blue as a smaller border. I think of a log cabin, camping, or a nice cozy fireplace and a hot cup of cider.

  13. Hi Jo — I love your quilt! You might try search for that green fabric as Marcus Brothers (didn’t know if you were searching for Andover) — I just saw someone using the same fabric in red this weekend at a retreat and she told me it was Marcus Brothers. Whatever you end up doing, I’m sure it will be wonderful!

  14. Go with your gut idea. I think you are correct that the other borders doesn’t go with your quilt. Let that quilt talk to you and give it your all.

    Great Quilt, wish it was mine.

  15. I love it. Scrappy or not. Love the colors and the pattern. Sorry I can’t help with borders. Just wanted to say how nice the quilt is. Take care.

  16. I do like the borders on Judy’s version, but I see where you are getting the formal feeling, maybe because there are so darn many of them. What about a single border and then all the four patches with another single border on the outside? It would make the quilt bigger without being so complicated, and nothing is better for getting the most out of your scraps than a bunch of four patches. If you do decide to make more blocks, I’m sure the slightly different companion print would blend just fine.

  17. I LOVE your quilt! What about using a dark blue border? No piecing, maybe a print, but something that essentially reads as a solid? From the photo, I didn’t even see the green (that’s the problem with photos vs. in-person.

    I didn’t find out about the mystery until it was well underway, but plan to make one for myself.


  18. I’m going to off a way different suggestion. Is this a lap size the way it is. While I love Judy’s borders, this one I think would just get bound in a dark blue and would make a great “guy” lap quilt.

  19. oh that is just a beautiful top, since it’s scrappy using a sub fabric, especially if it’s from the same line, will only add depth to your quilt.
    can’t wait to see what you decide.

  20. I think adding the other fabric would be fine. It’s scrappy and who’s going to complain? Vince also thought mine looked more masculine and immediately claimed it for his tv watching quilt. Whatever you decide to do, it’s beautiful. Thanks for doing it.

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