“I’m Cleaning My Sewing Room” Giveaway

***This giveaway has CLOSED**
I’ll be doing another giveaway in September….

Hey all….I spent the weekend cleaning out my sewing room.  I decided my loss can be your gain.  Rather than put the goodies on the neighbors garage sale, I thought I would pass them on to you.  All of the items, I bought with good intentions of making them, but somehow, lost my enthusiasm for the project.

Here’s the merchandise:

Item 1:  Atkinson Design book, “Happy Hour” and apple core flag pattern

Item 2:  Two Christmas Patterns

Item 3:  Set of 12 Joined at the Hip monthly quilts along with the Rise and Shine pattern shown.

Item 4:  Mittens pattern and Mittens Tree Skirt Pattern along with a fabric kit.

Item 5:  Star of Wonder Panel and Book from Art to Heart

Item 6:  Stitching Patterns for a bag and two different pillows

Item 7:  Partially finished summer quilt along with the patterns for all four seasons.

Here’s how it will work.   For one chance to win reply to this post by telling me which item you would like to win.  I will have seven separate buckets and I’ll put your name in the bucket that you choose.  Tuesday the 27th, I will pull a name from each bucket and that will determine the winner of each item.
If you want another chance, you can sign up to join Jo’s Country Junction on Facebook, become a follower or add me to your blogroll…make sure you come back and tell which bucket you want your name in!

If you want another chance….you can blog about the giveaway….again….make sure come back and tell which bucket you want your name in!

Your chances will improve on winning if you choose to put your chance in a bucket that doesn’t have as many names in.

Thanks for helping me clean my sewing room!

Oops…I forgot to tell you that you can put ALL of your chances in the same bucket!

95 thoughts on ““I’m Cleaning My Sewing Room” Giveaway”

  1. what a brillant idea you have had. I am not choosey, any of them would be fine with me please, i collect selvedges and scraps to make charity quilts. So, i am nit choosey at all. thank you for this chance.

  2. I would love a chance at #7, the four seasons.
    There aren’t enough buckets for a project like this from my sewing room!
    Thank you.

  3. Please put my name in for item #3. I’m also a follower. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  4. What a great giveaway – thank you so much! I would love #3 – I have the perfect place for them in my dining room!

  5. Oh what a great idea!! I love them all!! I want my name in everyone!! But I think I would use #1 the most!! I have a lot of pateriotic people in my family!

  6. You are already on my blogroll! :D I added you last year or whenever you had grandkids over or kids over and you made a lot of yummy treats for them! That got me hooked!! (#1)

  7. thanks for a chance to win the mittens patterns.
    Please throw my name in bucket #4 :0)

    Happy sewing and congrats for getting some cleaning done!

  8. What a great idea Jo! I’d love to go in all the buckets, lol, but I’ll pick #2 – I have a very tall tree in my front yard, which has to go, so this pattern would be a great memory!

  9. I would love Item #1! I just love all of Terri Atkinson’s designs!! So glad you are willing to share your items with us….

  10. I just signed up as a Facebook fan. Can you put another ticket into Item #1? thanks!

  11. found you on facebook! Could you put me in bucket #5 as well? LOVE all things Nancy Halvorsen, and I don’t have that book yet!!!

  12. Thanks! Please put my name in bucket #3! I love those patterns! Thanks for sharing! Hmm… I wonder if I have something you’d like to have? :)

  13. Oh gosh…I like #3 or #4…whatever you want to toss my name into is fine…both are equal. Hee!! I should probably do the same thing..instead I give away finished quilts!! Sigh!

  14. Michelle Balletti

    Please put me in bucket #1!!! I would love to win that flag quilt pattern!! My great uncle is in the Air Force (reservist) and is shipping out in August for a 6 month deployment to Maryland!!! I would love love love to make this for him!!!

  15. Great idea! I would like a chance on Item 3 – 12 Joined At The Hip monthly quilt patterns.

  16. Please enter me for Item 5: Star of Wonder Panel and Book from Art to Heart. Thanks for this giveaway.

  17. Lorraine Bradley

    I would love #5 Art to Heat Star Wonder. What a very generous offer. I am sure this will return to you in many ways.

  18. Oh…number 3 for sure!!! Applique has always been the “A” word, but I really want to learn to do it, and this would be a fun way.
    Thanks, Jo, for your giveaway!
    Sally in hot, steamy TX

  19. Oh gosh I needed to re- read about your wornderful giveaway!!!, I’d love to have a chance to be entered and picked obviously. I’d love to be included to win number 5 , 3 , 6 or 2, I’m a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FAN OF CHRISTMAS, and it’s coming…, I’m getting ready for this, I don’t mind if I get some few stuff more to st on my home, thank you for sharing ;)

  20. What a generous thing you are doing. I would love a chance at #7. It looks like a fun project, as do all of them. Hard to pick one as they all look like fun.

  21. What a fun thing to do. Thanks! If I’m a lucky winner I would like #1, the Happy Hour book & flag pattern.

  22. What a great giveaway! I really like the idea of a flag made with apple core pieces, so please put my name in the #1 bucket! Thanks for the chance!

  23. Nancy Sue Phillips

    Bucket #4 please :) It is officially 103 degrees outside and I’m thinking about Mittens. I’m wackadoodle!
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  24. Nancy Sue Phillips

    I am a follower now. Will be back often. Please add a chance for me to bucket #4 :) And Thank you for cleaning out your sewing room. My husband wants to know if your husband will be doing the same when he cleans out his garage/workshop :)

  25. I’d really enjoy winning #1–the simple blocks look graphic and I’ve been wanting to try solids in some quilts. Thanks very much-and it’s so kind to share things that are no longer being used.

  26. I would like to be a Follower, tho I can’t seem to find the Follow button. However, I do receive the feed to your blog through google reader.
    And my favorite prize would be #1, the book and flag. Thanks very much.

  27. I think I’m a fan at Facebook! Honestly, I clicked your link, but I thought I’d find a “Fan” button–I’m generally able to navigate the internet (and I am on facebook, myself), but I’m not succeeding today!
    BTW, Please put me in for #1–if you can find me as a Facebook fan, that is. :-) The book is enticing and I can make the flag for a benefit holiday sale in Dec.

  28. Hi I just put your neat give-away on my side-bar. Your blog is adorable.. I love the old barn feeling with the vintage buttons on the side.

    Happy Quilting

  29. My bucket list pick would be #5 – love anything by Nancy Halvorsen. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity. Judy C in NC

  30. The info of your giveaway’s now in the sidebar of my blog, I didn’t say I’ll die and go to heaven if I win the prizes, it’s incredible stuff!!!!!, I really would love to win, I was so excited in my last comment and I forgot to say which buckets I’d love to be in. Here they are: 5 , 3 , 6 or 2 I love christmas, it’s my fave time of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, thank you for cleaning your studio!

  31. I would love to win Item number 2. Found you off of stash manicure. Now I just need some clothesline. Thanks

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