I’m a Crab Apple…Again

I swear…this quilt is going to the be the death of me.   It’s been a bit tense around here lately so last night I decided to just give up on trying to accomplish anything else and go upstairs and quilt a bit.  Usually that’s relaxing….last night…not so much.


After stalling out on the paper piecing for this quilt, putting the sewing machine needle through my finger while sewing the blocks together and a bad border experience (I’ll explain that fiasco in a different blog post), I figured it was time for something with this quilt to go right….WRONG.

I got the quilt loaded in the machine, got the bobbins filled and decided it was time….after 3 years of owning this machine, it was finally time that I learned to use the needle threader.   Yes…I never learned to use the needle threader.  I just thought it was easier to thread it the regular way.  (in truth, I HATE learning anything new)

Well my eyes aren’t what they used to be and my glasses probably need to be replaced because the bifocals just don’t seem to be helping much anymore.  To thread the machine I have started to take my glasses off.  This is what prompted me to learn to use the needle threader….so, I found the manual, found the page, read the directions and the first time I tried it worked!  I was doing the happy dance and kicking myself at the same time.  Why had I waited so long to learn.  How easy was that?!

I quilted the width and was making the second pass when…UGH.  The thread broke.  I looked at the needle threading directions again and it threaded again…WOW.    I didn’t pull the thread tails long enough so it came unthreaded.  I went to thread it again.  In my excitement at learning how to use the threader, I pulled the threader down then realized the needle wasn’t in the highest position so I put the needle down.  That’s when I broke the needle threader.  I didn’t put the threader back up before I put the needle down. Well that ended that.  On the day I learned to use the threader, I no longer can use it….yes.  It’s that broke.

I went to see if Hubby could do anything about it.  He’s snoring on the couch…..oh well.  I guess I’m go back to taking my glasses off to thread the needle….and once again, I’m a crab apple.

7 thoughts on “I’m a Crab Apple…Again”

  1. Sorry about the needle threader, but makes for a funny story! I’ve had mine pop off my Janome and fly across the room, but it did pop back on again.

    By the way, thanks for that crock pot chicken recipe – made it last night and you’re right – it was fabulous!

  2. We have a 9 PM rule at our house- I can’t start working on any sewing project from 9 PM on in the evening and if I am working on one prior to that, the first time after 9 that something goes wrong is the time I have to close up my sewing room for the night! The time could be moved up earlier if things are not going well or I’m in a crabby mood!!! Just sayin………………….

  3. I got the multifocals happening here, would be lost without my needlethreader on my sewing machine.. but a friend gave me a tip buy a pair of those magnifying glasses you see everywhere (thye are like $10 tops here) and use them JUSt for threading the machine.. alas, I have three prescriptions in my specs and they aren’t as good as they used to be, or is it my eyes aren’t as good??? (says me who is typing on a computer at 4am in the dark with no specs on?? I wonder why eyes are crap??? LOL)

  4. Why do things like that happen sometimes! Those are times when I leave the room and have a hissy fit hoping that somehow it fixed itself while I was away. Never happens!! :o(

  5. my my, i’ve been where you are.
    all good intentions~no good work.
    frustrating, to say the least.
    walk away.
    i’ve even donated quilts like this to people willing to help finish lol

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