If you thought I was frugal????

Well if you thought I was frugal if compared to my Hubby, you’d be WRONG!!

Earlier in the week he brought me his flannel shirt asking if I would patch the pocket….


I asked..”Do you mean that huge hole??  Aw, throw it away!!”

He said, “No.  The hole in the shirt is fine.  It’s just that the hole has interrupted the pocket and the pocket now has a hole.”  Apparently he can’t keep things in the pocket anymore as they fall out the hole.

He assured me…only the hole needs to be patched.


Typically he wears a long sleeved shirt under this but still…if he insists on keeping the shirt, it really needed a patch so…here it is…


It’s not beautiful but I am hoping it will last as long as the cold weather and then I am going to do what I can to get this shirt gone!!

16 thoughts on “If you thought I was frugal????”

  1. Good job, Jo! It looks very functional and hubby will be thrilled with it. I mended a big bunch of diabetic socks for my hubby earlier today, so I’m very sympatico!

  2. Too funny! My husband has let a couple of shirts go recently. But one, I had to sew up as it was really ripped/torn–but I did the best I could and then threw it in the washing machine and hope he can get one or two more seasons out of it as I don’t know where to get another one (I live in Poland)…an insulated flannel shirt.

    But the guys get their favorite shirts–they love em and will wear them til literally shreds. Then, if you want, you have to throw them away where they never see them in the garbage–otherwise there are problems. I’m a shirt-cutting up (for the cotton) season right now, so I’d probably go ahead and cut out the good sections and let the rest go to the fire place for kindling. :)

    Good patch job though. That doesn’t look like the easiest kind of patch to do!

  3. At my house shirts like this go missing in the laundry. Six months later my dh
    asks if I know where his shirt is.

  4. I have to throw DH’s favorite rags away by putting them in the neighbor’s trash – that way he doesn’t see them and rescue them!

  5. Mine would have sewn it up on his own, it’s faster then waiting for me to get it done. A working man can never have enough good work shirts!

  6. My 30 year old son brought me that same shirt; actually 2 of them! I fixed the “better of the two and refused to fix the other one. I told him I would buy him another one at Goodwill! Why are they like that! He has PLENTY of shirts and PLENTY of $$ to buy brand new ones! Maybe that’s why he has plenty of $$ because he DOESN’T buy new ones and wears them to bare threads! haha!

  7. You ought to just debone it and cut it into strips and add it to your stash. Then it would still be used and not trashed. Then buy him a replacement at the next thrift store shopping trip.

  8. OH I have the same problem w DH’s Jeans!!!!! he has this one pair that he LOVES w a rip from the back pocket for about 5″ another pair w a hole at the back pocket. I want to take one pair and make a patch w the other…. I can’t get him to give up even one pair of HOLEY jeans!

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