If You Ever Need an Axe

Last Sunday was adventure day.  Ever since we moved, which is 1 1/2 years ago, and even a few month before then, we kind of quit going on adventures.  We have had things to do at the house or honestly we’ve been pooped or all our time off has gone to taking me to doctor appointments.

On Sunday Hubby said enough is enough and we were leaving.  Our son Karl was home and he tagged along.  The neighbors told us there was antique type show under the bridge in McGregor.  We went off.

It wasn’t huge but it was interesting.

There weren’t a lot of real antiques…more flea market type.


At the very first booth we saw this axe.  Well I’m not interested in axes but our son Buck is.  He collects them.  We don’t know much about them at all so I took a picture and sent it to him with my smart phone.


Then I took another picture so he could read the writing.  It said “Plumb”.


He said yes please…buy it.

At the same booth we saw this hatchet head…another picture and another sure…buy it.


Around the corner we went passing some clothing vendors and Avon vendors.  What do we see…more axes.  More pictures taken…sent to Buck and more purchases.


That left Karl carrying LOTS of axes.  Karl is 6’4″ and a big guy so one vendor chuckled and called him “Paul Bunyan”.

The next vendor dealt in mint condition axes.  I took pictures and showed Buck but these were out of his price point and he prefers to fix them up himself.  It was still fun for him to see and good for us to see.  We could appreciate and see the ones that were the “coveted” axes.  Buck’s comment..the more writing and engraving on them the better.

Can you believe more???

..and still more….

and still more.  Yep.  Even the axe heads came home with us.

At this point I messaged him and said, “That’s it.  We’ve been to all the booths.”  By now Hubby and Karl were weighed down by axes.  I had a couple heads in my purse and was carrying this too.  It’s a big basket for me.  I have no idea what I’m doing with it.  It’s at least 12″ x 12″.  It needs some TLC but I liked it.  At one place we bought a hatchet and I was carrying it inside the basket.


Just then Hubby stopped and said-“WAIT!!  Does he need axe handles too?”  I called Buck and yes…he did need axe handles too.  We distributed all we were carrying to me and Karl and Hubby went back for axe handles.  We were LOADED down.

At this point Karl and I were laughing at all the weird looks we were getting.  Karl was making jokes saying “No one better mess with us” or “We’re the axe family”.  We made it to the truck about three blocks away.  Happily it wasn’t any further.

Then Karl and I walked back to where Hubby was only to find out he had gone another way and was already at the truck with the four axe handles he bought.

Here was our stash.


There’s an antique shop in town so Hubby suggested we go…and what do we find there???

The axe that he wants..a Lincoln.  Yep.  We ended up buying that one too.


From there we stopped for lunch at the diner in town.  While we were sitting there I suggested we just drive the axes down to Buck’s…and that’s what we did.

It was a 1 1/2 hour road trip.  We stopped at a couple garage sales along the way.  Hubby bought a couple things.  As we were driving both of us were reminded that we kind of miss day trips and vowed we’d get back to doing them more.

…and tomorrow you can read about the rest of our adventure and I’ll give you a little house tour of Buck’s house.  I think it so neat.  I can’t wait to show you!



4 thoughts on “If You Ever Need an Axe”

  1. People might have thought you were axe murderers!! That’s a great story…I even laughed out loud reading it.

    High River, AB, Canada

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