If These Floors Could Talk

The last room of floors I had left to sand were the ones in our bedroom.  I was a little surprised to see that they were in the worst shape of all of the rooms….nothing horrible but if these floors could talk I know they would have lots of stories to tell.

This board has a lot of damage to it right in the center of the photo.  As I sanded back and forth I tried to determine why right there I could see such damage when the rest of the floor looked okay….

Further investigation showed that at the opposite end of the board there was a cut in the board.  I showed that all to Hubby.  It’s our theory that the board was lifted so electricity could be strung over to the other side of the room as just above that slit is an electrical outlet on the wall.


If you look you can see an obvious shading change on the flooring.  There is an exact rectangle in the room.  It’s obvious there was a rug once in the center of the room.  Most of the wear on the floors is outside of the area where the rug would have been.  As much as I sanded, I couldn’t sand out the shaded area.


The image below had me puzzled.  I asked Hubby about that one.  He immediately said -DUH.  That’s where they had to cut into this floor to put lighting into the living room below.  That would have to be true as that’s exactly where the light is for the living room.


These are the stories that my floors told on Wednesday.  Happily that was the last day of sanding.  It’s all done-at least what we could do with the big rented sanders.  We have a little hand sanding that needs to be done in the corners but we’re doing that with just our hand sander.

I can’t tell you how many hours that sander ran each day but I can say it was for a LONG time.  I know there were four days that I worked at the house for over 10 hours on the floors.  The other days it was closer to eight hours….I am SO-SO-SO happy that the sanding part of the floors is all behind us.  Now starts the dusting…and then the staining and then the varnishing….each and every step is getting us closer to move in day!

5 thoughts on “If These Floors Could Talk”

  1. I love the way you are making an effort to “read” the stories of your floors. It’s history that makes a house a home. I’m glad you are keeping and respecting the scars and blemishes.

  2. You are truckin’ along and you should be proud of yourself for doing all this work. I get a kick out of the tales the floors are telling.

  3. What a weight off your shoulders that must be. I sure wouldn’t want what’s coming next. Dusting is THE THING I hate worse than any other thing in the house. Good luck with it. I sure hope the next steps go much faster for you!

  4. Just a little advice. Make sure you put adequate coats of varnish. Even if he means an extra week of work. We were new to refinishing floors and did not put adequate varnish. It is okay in the bedrooms but our high traffic areas really need a redo. It would have been so much easier if we had just taken a little extra time and put a couple of extra coast of varnish on. Good luck with it!

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