If Dad Says Yes…

I am really bad at saying no sometimes….Free puppies is one of the hardest times for me to hold the line and say no.

How does a mom say no to this….


Or worse yet….say no to this?!?!


Look at that cute little puppy…look at that face on my begging daughter.

When we came back down the hill from visiting the Rendezvous event there was a man and lady with four puppies for free.  All of the puppies came from the same litter of nine.  Each of the puppies was so different.  They were a cross between Rottweiler, Collie and Black Lab.   One looked very Rottweiler, one a long haired completely black collie type, one the tan puppy in the first photo and the one in the second photo which was the cutest in my opinion.  It looked like a black lab but had a white patch on it’s chest and all four paws were white.

Kelli was holding the black one then put it down so we could go.  The puppy started whimpering.  Then Kalissa started saying…”see mom, the puppy wants us.”  Then she went back to hold it.

I admit…I can’t say no.  I know that no is the right answer but I just can’t say it.  So what do I say….”You can have one if Dad says yes…”  The rational part of me is begging my hubby to say no.  The compassionate part of me is saying oh say yes….

So Kalissa calls my hubby and says….”Dad?  Mom says we can get a puppy if you say yes.  Can we?  Can we get a puppy?”

Dad hasn’t seen the puppies…Dad hasn’t seen that face…so what does he say….NO!  We don’t need another dog!

Part of me was thankful he said no…Part of me was screaming WHY NOT?!?!   I guess I’m still a kid at heart.

Today I hooked up with Dandelion House.

9 thoughts on “If Dad Says Yes…”

  1. Oh, I can say no. I think of vet bills, food expense, boarding when we go away, and adding to our rescue dog’s pee stains all over our carpets, not to mention the teething phase when the pup chews everything in sight (shoes, sofa, feet, remote controls, lego pieces), the shedding, the noise of the yipping, whimpering and howling. In fact, that’s ALL I think of when I see a puppy, so I’m not sure why anyone EVER says yes!!

  2. Donna /54DonnaP(Flickr)

    LOL! Reminds of the time when my youngest (now 25 but then about 6) who asked dh if we could have one of the kittens given away free by a pastor and he “mistakenly” said go ask your mom. He’ll never make that mistake again as “Buckeye” came home with us for many long happy years! :-)

  3. The older I am getting the less patient I am. I think pet are cute, and I long for the snuggle part. Too bad they don’t stay little. But they too grow up. Then it’s all just fur. I think I like outside animals (chickens) the best. Because the mess is outside of my house. Don’t get me wrong, we have a 11 year old lab, that I love her to pieces. But I every time I hear her try to go up the stairs, I think I’m not sure how much longer she’ll be able to keep this up.

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