Iced Coffee: My homemade version

About three years ago whenever I was with Kelli and we’d pass a McDonalds we’d stop and get drinks…she’d get a strawberry-banana fruit smoothie and I’d get a chocolate chip frappe.  Well then I started reading the calorie count..UGH.  I compromised and started getting smalls then compromised even more and started getting caramel instead of chocolate chip.

Then one day I decided that I was ready to make the next compromise and try iced coffee.

I am not a coffee drinker.  I have tried to be but it gives me gut rot and I just don’t like it. I never thought I’d go so far as to drink iced coffee either..but alas, here I am.  I am an iced coffee drinker.  My favorite is McDonalds caramel iced coffee but Kwik Star has a mocha iced coffee that I really like too.

I have gotten to be enough of a drinker that I’d really like to make it at home…and so I have.  The key is this flavoring that I bought at Wal-mart.


I’m still working and playing with what I make all the time but I’ve come to something along these lines…ice
a half of glass of coffee
a half of glass of whole milk
a tablespoon of flavoring
a half pack of truvia

It’s not quite as good as what I purchase in town but I am happy with the substitute and glad I can make it.

I’m definitely happy with it.

4 thoughts on “Iced Coffee: My homemade version”

  1. I am a coffee lover I used to smell coffee brewing as a child and the scent was heavenly. Then I tasted it terrible terrible just terrible ….but we had sugar and milk and so I learned that coffee flavored sugar and milk was oh so good. Over the years I have reduced the sugar to zero and changed the milk to half and half .
    One good cup of coffee is heaven for me.

    I do like iced coffee same as my hot coffee only over ice.
    But over the years I have had issues with acid tummy and have worked out a deal with my tummy
    One cup most days occasionally more no acid tummy
    Drink too much too often my tummy tells me
    I also am a no artificial sweetener person
    And now have to watch my carbohydrates due to diabetes
    So it’s good I like plain no flavor no sugar just a touch of the moo juice and yummy for me

  2. Coffee is my favorite drink since I no longer drink soda. If you want less acid in your coffee try cold brewing it. It takes away 60% of the acid and I can’t tell the difference in taste. I can heat it or drink it iced. Either way it’s wonderful! And I do add half and half but no sugar.

  3. The Pioneer Woman has a great way to make cold brewed ice coffee. She puts condensed milk in hers but that’s too sweet for me as I usually drink my coffee black.

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