I was told there is a Santa!

I was told from the start of my life that there is no Santa that lives at the North Pole.  I was told that my Dad was my Santa, my Mom was my Mrs. Claus and that I was an elf who was to help Santa….I have lived 44 years of my life believing that.  I never bothered sitting on Santa’s lap…I never bothered writing a letter because I didn’t think it would do any good.

Yesterday, I was told something different by The Fat Quarter Quilt Shop….  I was told if I write a letter to Santa, I just might get my wish…..

So here goes…Remember, I have never written a letter to Santa before so it might not be the best….

Dear Fat Quarter Quilt Shop (I mean Santa)
I have been the best little quilter that I know how to be….If you look at the 16 quilts that I have made this year, I have given every single one away except for the Schnibble quilt.  I have supported our church, our fire department and our school with a donation of a quilts for their fundraisers.  I have made seven baby quilts for relatives as well as a graduation quilt, two wedding quilts, a get well soon quilt and an anniversary quilt. 

I would love to sew something for me to keep….something in my colors…not something that is not brightly colored and all matchy poo-poo….something eclectic….something in those beautiful Civil War prints.  I have patterns ready just waiting for fabric.  So Santa, how about a fat quarters pack

of awesome Civil War Tribute fabric…or
a precut of Civil War Homefront fabric.  a jelly rollhoney bun or layer cake….oh Santa…I am so bad at making my mind…I love all the civil war prints! 

 I promise I won’t quit sewing for others……I promise I will stay on my diet(that’s not just a new year resolution…honest)…..
I even promise I will keep working on getting my points to match better (yes, even if it means using my seam ripper)  So how about it Fat Quarter Quilt Shop (I mean Santa)  will you grant me my wish?  I promise that if you do, I will tell everyone about how great you (I mean the Fat Quarter Quilt Shop) is.

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