I Was Kidnapped…

I was kidnapped…well, not really…but kind of.

Last week Hubby and I were chatting.  We were both feeling a little depressed.  The house is getting to us.  He said we need to get out of here…I drug my feet.  I had so many things I wanted and needed to do.  I wanted to meet my blog reader Debbie as she was only here for a short time.  I had quilts I wanted and had to work on.  That cupboard in the garage isn’t getting refinished itself.  Ugh…so much to do.  How could we go away??

Then Hubby said…”Do you realize I have only taken one day off since last year at this time?”  WHAT???  No I didn’t realize that!!  No wonder he wanted to get out of here.   Keep in mind when he says one day off…that’s one day off.  He works seven days a week!!  We were gone one day in January.  Yep…it was time to go.  He gave me one day notice to get my blog and my commitments in order and we’d leave.

We ended up in What Cheer, Iowa.  Yes…What Cheer.  That is the name of the town.  We had heard there was a flea market there…in our minds we thought flea market/antiques…it was more of flea market.  We had a fine time but I don’t think we’ll go again….the antiques they did have weren’t of very good quality.


The event happens at the fair grounds there.  Each of the fair buildings is filled with booths and booths of vendors.  The racetrack and grandstand area is filled with booths too.  We were excited thinking it would be like the antique fair we go to in Oronocco, Minnesota.

I did spot a few sewing machines but most were iffy.


Cupboards always catch my attention but this was cheaply made and expensive…a little to primitive for me.


I was excited to see the green Elna.  I think Bonnie Hunter has one similar and I always admired it…I went to look at it and the vendor was pushy and even on the obnoxious side so I left it.


I snapped a picture of anything quilty…

I saw this and was super excited…someone who loves quilts.  Would the booth have more goodies…


NO..no more quilting goodies.


This vendor has a few things but nothing I wanted to take home.



Here’s a poor old double wedding ring…


I did like this rug and snapped a picture of it to show my daughter Kayla.  She loves rugs and knitting and crocheting.  She is good at replicating patterns too.


More machines….


Even a couple Featherweights.  There were two..both just a bit over $200.  I didn’t check the condition though….I already have one.


I was here at this booth checking out this quilt.  Hubby had gone ahead of me.  At this point both of us were sick of being here.  Honestly, the stuff was pretty junkie….then Hubby said, “Hey Kramer (yes he calls me Kramer) I think I solved our problem.”

This was interesting….I didn’t know we had a problem to solve.

Then he takes me and shows me a mirror.  I was confused.  A mirror is the solution to a problem I don’t know we had.

Then he said, “In the bathroom.  Remember we bought the corner sink and you didn’t know if we could use it because you didn’t know if we could find a mirror for about the sink.  This mirror tri-folds so we can mount it in the bathroom above the corner sink.”

OH…now I got it.  That was something we were talking about.  He said best yet….it’s only $15.

It was VERY dirty and needs some cleaning…but he’s right.  It would fix our problem.

We could hang this is the corner of bathroom above the corner sink.

Of course it needs some work..but then again most everything we buy needs a little work….

We looked a little more but then decided enough was enough.  We were both sick of walking and ready for something different.

The story of my kidnapping continues but I’ll save that for another blog post.

5 thoughts on “I Was Kidnapped…”

  1. I’m so glad you and Hubby got some much needed time away. Sorry we weren’t able to get together, but I totally understand. We will make it happen next time. Love the mirror. Enjoy!

  2. Glad you had some fun get-away time with your hubby.
    My hubby calls me Elam (my maiden name) or Mrs. Kuipers – I am an aide at an elementary school and that is what the kids have to call me.
    Really like the mirror!

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