I was Kidnapped

Before Christmas Hubby kidnapped me.  It’s wasn’t anything exciting-just a trip to Menards in Mason City.  We tried to remember when we actually went somewhere together besides church and had a tough time coming up with anything.

I took something to work on for the trip.  I forgot how much I love to pin the car.  I got lots done on the way there but by the time we were headed home it was getting dark.  I now have all of the blocks pinned for my Grand Illusion Bonus Triangle quilt.  Now I need about 15 minutes and I think I’ll have them all pieced.


We made the trip a date (or at least a date for us) by stopping at the antique shop in Floyd, Iowa.  We are going to be short a couple trim pieces for the house so we keep looking for them.  The owner made it sound promising that he might have something in a storage space.  We have to get what we have in place and then we’ll see how many pieces we actually need.

We didn’t buy a thing at the antique shop.  Had we not had house bills and the like there was a high backed bed and dresser that I would have loved to have for the spare bedroom but it was not to be.  We have plenty to time to find something for that….

The Menards run this time was for primer, ceiling paint and mud for the sheet rock….WOW, who knew that a person could spend $900 on that?!?!  That’s something I hadn’t budgeted for so that was a surprise….but necessary.

We came back and unloaded the stuff at the house and then came straight home.  It’s the first time in a LONG time that we didn’t work on the house….Part of me felt really guilty and part of me was overjoyed to just come home and eat a supper at a somewhat normal time…I gotta say, I hope Hubby kidnaps me again, but dare I hope it isn’t just for Menards run??

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