“I Tried It” Funny for the Day!!!

There is a USDA funded program that brings people into childcares and schools to promote Farm to Table, fitness and eating local.  I’ve had a representative come to childcare every Wednesday for the last three years.  I love the program.  Our first gal that we had was Denise…then Denise got a different job and now we have Vicki.  Both of the gals have really made an impact on the kiddos.  They all love “Vicki days”.  She comes and does a bit of a “story hour” with the kids.  They read a book about a farm product and do an activity or taste testing.  Vicki does a great job keeping the kids engaged and learning.

Last month our food was raspberries…this month our food is cabbage.  Along with Vicki coming providers get a “food of the month package”.  So Wednesday of last week Vicki came and later that day, before lunch, our “food package” arrived.  In the package was a purple cabbage, a green cabbage, reference literature, goodies to make healthier version of coleslaw and a roll of “I tried it stickers”.  

I try really hard to support what Vicki talks about with the kids.  I knew in advance the food was going to be cabbage so in advance I had already made coleslaw and had plans to serve it for lunch.  I thought it would be perfect to use the “I tried it!” stickers at lunch as I wasn’t sure how the kids would be with trying coleslaw.

I have some picky eaters and some eaters who will eat absolutely everything.  At lunch time, I went to the kid that I thought was most likely to try the coleslaw.  They tried it, I went on and on about how proud I was of them and then gave them a sticker for trying it.  Then I went around to each kid.  The ones who tried, got a sticker.  The ones who didn’t, didn’t get a sticker.  Carver is not the best at trying things he thinks aren’t good so I saved him for last.  He tried it and was actually good about trying it so he got the sticker.

I had stuck all of the stickers on the kids’ shirts.  By the end of lunch two of the kids had taken their stickers off and stuck them to the table.  Not Carver.  He was SO PROUD of his sticker.  He walked up to me a couple times and showed me his sticker again and again.  When Craig came to pick him up he still was showing off his sticker.

Fast forward to Friday.  Shortly after lunch Kalissa called me and here what she asked….“Mom, did you give Carver a sticker that said “I tried it?””

Me:  “Yes??”

Kalissa:  “Well I just changed a poopy diaper on Carver and there was a sticker in the poop.  The sticker said, “I tried it!” I guess he didn’t realize that the thing he was trying wasn’t suppose to be the sticker!!”

Oh my word!!!!  Carver ate the sticker.  I think he took his task of “trying it” a little too seriously.  OH MY!!

I couldn’t stop laughing…I couldn’t stop laughing at all.  Even now as I am writing this, I am still chuckling.  Oh Carver!!!!!!!!  What were you thinking to eat a sticker??  and how strange it was that the sticker said, “I tried it!”.

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  1. That reminds me of a story about my dad. He was in a nursing home for 12 years – Parkinson and dementia. One day the nurses told us that while changing him, they found a candy bar wrapper in his diaper. We don’t know if he ate the candy bar and then the wrapper, or he found the wrapper and just ate that. He really didn’t talk much, if at all, so there was no way to question him. Usually he was sedate, but he could be a ‘card’ sometimes. Thanks for sharing and bringing up memories.

  2. Reminds me of when my mom took care of my niece. She loved baby dolls so my mom would unwrap a tootsie roll and put it in the baby doll’s diaper.

  3. I just read this story and had to chuckle. I used to work with children from birth to 5 (and also a mom of 5) so I know how children don’t like to eat new foods and how fun and funny children can be. When my kids were little, I drew and cut out a star from purple construction paper. Every time, they tried a new phone, I taped it on their shirt for the duration of the meal.

  4. Too funny!!! i have some little pebbles saved in my son’s baby book that I found in his diaper!!! And, YES, i did wash them really really well before saving them! just makes them healthier eating all this “other” stuff – builds up their immunities!!! LOL

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