I thought I was happy…I was wrong!

My machine has been in the shop for a week.  Yesterday they called and said it was done.  I dropped everything and went to get it.


I got the machine set up in the quilting frame so I could start quilting….Well after a half hour of breaking thread, and fighting I was ready to quit.  As a last resort I tried to fill a bobbin with a different brand of thread.  Guess what, the motor that runs the bobbin DOESN’T work.


I am heading back to the dealer.  To make a long story short.  Over all, I do not recommend a Pfaff Grand Quilter and Next Generation Frame.  I appreciated the low cost but I am not appreciating the problems I have had.

It looks like my pile of unquilted quilt tops is going to GROW while I wait some more.

11 thoughts on “I thought I was happy…I was wrong!”

  1. I completely understand what you are going thru! I have a brother longarm and a gracie frame but the thread keeps breaking!! Sometimes I can do an entire quilt with no problems then I get to the next quilt and can’t go more than 60 seconds without the thread breaking!! I’m actually going to blog about my challenges and solutions on my blog today! I hope you can get everything taken care of without losing a lot of money.

  2. oh drat! now there is frustration with a capital F.
    I hope you get some good resolution from your dealer so you can get back to quilting your tops!

  3. I’m so sorry! I’d read similar stories to yours (but I’m an obsessive/compulsive “researcher” — more than a little anal! LOL), so ended up getting a hobby quilter by Nolting. So far, so good! Hopefully, the dealer will fix you up!! If not — sell it and see what else is out there! We can’t let those piles of quilt tops continue to go unquilted! :-D
    Mary Lou

  4. I understand your frustration!
    I own two Pfaff Grand Quilters one is on my sewing table and the other sits on my Next Generation Frame. I have had both machines and frame for two years and still have not quilted a top yet on the frame because I can’t get across the length of the quilt top without the thread breaking several times!
    So I have started quilting them on the Pfaff on the sewing table and use the frame to drape quilt tops on. For some reason the thread does not break when I quilt on the machine on the sewing table (yet they are the exact machine). LOL

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