I Think I Created a Monster

It’s true.  I think I created a monster….that Monster is Kelli.  I think she turned into a bead loving girl.


You might remember my hunt and determination to replace my bracelet that told the life story of Jesus. (Full story on that here).  Then you might remember that I had wanted a to make a Psalm 23 bracelet and that my friend and blog reader Linda made it for me. (Full story on that here)

Well along the way, I’ve always wanted to make some of the bracelets.  I would love to have some of the Psalm 23 bracelets on hand when I hear someone is diagnosed with cancer or dealing with a hard spot in live.  So gradually I began accumulating all of the supplies.  Kelli was with me on NUMEROUS outings as I was looking for beads.   Gradually I had accumulated what I thought I needed…BUT I was a unsure of how to start.

Well Kelli to the rescue.  She loves learning new craft things…me not so much.  I think I”m always nervous that I won’t do it right.

Here is the Psalm 23 bracelet.


Here is the story of Jesus’ life bracelet.


She did a great job on both!!  I’m so happy she figured it out.

So what prompted that we finally tackled beading.  Kelli wanted to give something to my niece Jody’s benefit and thought she’d give a quilt then thought that there were already a few quilts that were going to be there.  That left her scrambling to think of something else.  I mentioned the bracelets and she said sure.

Youtube was a big help seeing she had never beaded anything before.  She didn’t know how to use jump rings or the beginning clamps that start the bracelet.

She totally took to beading and is now hoping to do lots more projects.  She left my house anxious to get home and search the internet for more ideas of making meaningful bracelets.  I know her husband’s grandma is having a birthday soon and she hoped to make some sort of family bracelet for her….then I showed her a mother’s bracelet and “oh” she wanted to make that too…and that…and that too!!   As she was leaving she was vowing to try to hit up one of the craft stores in Cedar Rapids, where the benefit is being held today, so she can stock up on beads.

Thanks to so many of you for donating on the Go Fund Me Page.  I did get a few checks in that I have cashed and will be taking the money with me when I go.  I so appreciate how kind and supportive you all have been.  It’s early in the benefit and already they have raised over $1200.  With a goal of raising $10,000, I think we can do it!  Again…thank you, thank you.

Truly, I think I have created a monster!!

10 thoughts on “I Think I Created a Monster”

  1. My go-to store for beads and beading supplies is Fire Mountain Gems on the web. For religious beads, you might try Oriental Trading, although their quality is more along the lines of Vacation Bible School crafts.

  2. How about rosarys? There used to be a couple lady’s in the area that made rosarys for ppl on an order basis that would make custom rosarys like mine said Andrea Rausch first communion and the date may whatever and the year… I know a lot of ppl are still wanting those but having trouble finding ppl that make them… and sometimes they will have them made for baptisms and weddings too… I had gotten one from my grandma for 1st communion and I wish I still had it! And hoping that one day Bria can have one for her 1st communion!

  3. Hey Kelli, I’m not sure if you are interested or not, but about 6 years ago I did a lot of beading and I have a ton of stuff left. Wondering if you are interrested in any of it. Deb

  4. Beading is addictive! I had cancer 11.5 years ago and someone gave me a cancer bead bracelet. I wanted to make some while I was sick and a new passion was born. I sold and did commissions. But eventually after I recovered and finished grad school I got back into quilting and I don’t bead so much anymore.

  5. I was so pleased to see some growth in the GoFundMe page, and I hope more will contribute. She has such young children who still need their mother to guide and love them.

  6. I love your bracelets, too and also noticed some typos. I wouldn’t normally point them out, but thought you might like to know this time.
    In the line for Clear, I think the word should be “soul,” not sole
    In the line for Black, as well as missing the word “walk”, you have written thought, where I think it should be “though”
    I hope your fabulous work raised a lot of money at the benefit.

  7. Kelli—YOUR BRACELETS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Just awesome………… Way to go…..Gosh—I have to make something tonight now too…….I love beading a little too much….

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