I Spoke Too Soon

Sadly, I spoke too soon.  I thought my daughter Kalissa’s son Gannon was all on the mend.  I more or less pushed the publish button to share the post about him on Monday and everything went downhill.

That day Carver came off the bus and I looked at him and knew he was sick.  I asked him how he felt and he went into a big coughing fit.  I took his temp and it was 101.  UGH.

I called Kalissa and she came and got him right away.

We know flu/cold/strep has been going around our area.  When they talked about Gannon trying to go back to school, they said that they wondered if he should just stay home as the day they called and talked about it, two kids got sent home because they were throwing up.  Well, that’s the last thing Gannon needed so Kalissa opted to keep him home.

It seems the bugs got to their house anyway.  I ended up staying up late on Monday night finishing up some cross-stitch things.  I went to turn out my bedside lamp and the clock was a few minutes from midnight.  Just then my phone dinged.  It was Kalissa.  She was taken Gannon to the ER with croup.  WHAT?  Not Carver?  Carver was the one with the temp.  Nope she said.  It was Gannon.

Well, she had worked the overnight shift Sunday into Monday.  She slept three hours and then got up and took Gannon to a speech appointment to help him with swallowing.  She never went back to sleep.  She was in no shape to drive Gannon a half hour away to the ER so I said I would go with them.

I got up, changed my clothes, and waited for her to pick me up.  The roads were terrible.  The trace of snow we got turned into more and it was blowing.  It was good I went with.

I was mostly along to keep her awake and I successfully did that.  I sat in the waiting room and stitched while Gannon went back.  He got some steroids and we headed back home.

It was 2:20 am when I got back home.  This girl isn’t used to staying up this late anymore.

The next day I was …pooped.

Kalissa kept Carver home from school as he wasn’t well but Gannon seemed okay.  Croup can do that…act up in the night and in the day things pick up.

Kalissa kept Carver home today too.  We ended up running him to the doctor suspecting strep as my two after-school childcare girls both came down with strep but he doesn’t have it.  Kalissa went all around town looking for children’s Tylenol and ibuprofen but there was none-ZERO to be found.  Thankfully, I have an extra bottle here that she can have.

Through this, I found out there is a children’s pain reliever shortage.  UGH.

Gannon came back and camped on the couch.  He didn’t eat today and what he did try wasn’t successful.  I’m thinking he has what Carver has.  He has his tube so he’ll be eating from that today.

He did perk up after a nap.

I had gone to town to do errands and pick up some Christmas groceries on Tuesday.  We are expecting a big winter storm here over the next few days so I shopped earlier than I normally do.  When I was in town I stopped at Goodwill.  They had two containers of Lincoln Logs.  I bought them both.

Gannon perked up enough to try to do some building.

He didn’t get the hang of the Lincoln Logs at first but figured it out enough to build this that he was so proud of.  The $13 for the Lincoln Logs was worth the smile when he wasn’t feeling good.

He still has a spark in his eye but the cold is making him a bit miserable and making sleeping more of a challenge.  He’s not out of the wood yet.

He was pretty sad he had to do tube feedings but it was necessary.  Fingers crossed this is a short bug.

Fingers crossed this storm isn’t as bad as what they are predicting and the Friedman boys all get feeling better soon.  It’s been a long week and it’s only Wednesday!!

22 thoughts on “I Spoke Too Soon”

  1. I’m sorry ya’ll are having 48 hour days! Oh that sweet smile, totally worth $13.

    Praying for health to return to the boys and ya’ll to be safe from the storms coming.

  2. That child has the sweetest smile ever. The various bugs are all over the country with people sick everywhere. We are back to wearing our masks again and while I don’t like them, we are not sick. I hope things get better for the children and that you don’t get it again.

  3. Beryl in Owatonna

    Oh my, praying little Anders stays healthy. All are still in my prayers. Praying all get well sooner than later. I live in a senior apartment..one with Covid here…praying that is all also.
    So happy the way yr family works together! God has truly blessed you.
    Merry Christmas and aNew year filled with many Blessings! Stay warm!

  4. The Tylenol shortage is all over. Canada had to order supplies from overseas. Children are sick all over
    the place with flu & RSV. ER’s are full. The weather is bitterly cold & I know the storm is coming to your area. Be safe down there.

  5. Poor Gannon, I hope he feels better soon, and also Carver. You must all be exhausted, physically and emotionally. I hope the boys get over this quickly and Gannon can get back on track with his swallowing and eating. Sending much love to you all.

  6. Keeping everyone in prayer for compete recoveries!
    How neat you found Lincoln logs for Gannon. So worth it!
    Get some rest!
    Love and prayers

  7. Prayers for compete recoveries!
    How neat you found Lincoln logs for Gannon. So worth it!
    Hope you and Kalissa get some rest.
    Love and prayers

  8. Poor Kalissa’s family! They haven’t had much luck on the health front. I hope all the children pick up soon, and that lovely Gannon is able to swallow and eat normally very soon. Happy Christmas to you all.

  9. Oh, what a tale of woe. I wish your family well so you can enjoy Christmas. There is so much sickness. Gannon is so sweet. Be well Carver and Gannon and hope Anders escapes any bugs! Prayers to you all.
    Blizzard warnings here.

  10. Carmen Montmarquet

    Just read Kalissa’s blog and Gannon was doing ok, poor you and poor poor Kalissa, I sure hope he and Carver get better fast and no one else gets sick! Good idea to find those Lincoln Logs, you are such a good Grammy!

  11. Bonnie J Anderson

    I hear you with the tylenol shortage. I went to walmart and hyvee all were out. I found some at fareway and bought two bottles. I seen the video of Gannons friends coming to his house. So adorable !

  12. Oh Jo. You all have certainly had your fill of rough times. Let’s hope & pray 2023 is a MUCH better year for all of you.
    You’re an angel for taking such good care of your family. You deserve a medal!!
    Stay healthy & merry, merry

  13. Prayers for Gannon and Carver to recover quickly! Love Gannon’s sweet smile! Jo, you’re a wonderful grandma and mom. Your family is so blessed!

  14. That’s so terrible. I follow the weather and it’s hard enough to cope with- without health issues. I hope your grandchildren will get over this soon. Emilie has been sick too- but thankful not hospital bound. Praying they will get better for Christmas. You and your daughter must be exhausted
    May God touch your precious family.

  15. Praying for all of you! Bad Weather and sick kids don’t mix well. Please take care of yourself too! You are such a good Mom and Grandma! I hope everyone is well by Christmas ❤️! Thinking about all of you! L

  16. I’m so sorry for all that all of you have had to endure lately. Thankfully, Kalissa has a great support system (you!). I hope she gets a break soon and hope the boys get and stay healthy. Stay warm…and safe…

  17. I pray that everyone at Kalissa house gets well and stays well, that family has been rung through the ringer lately. I didn’t know there was a shortage of children’s meds, how awful. Wonderful that you had some to share with her house. The smile on Gannon’s face says those Lincoln Logs were worth the 13 bucks.

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